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    Well it is 6 months on Thursday and I think time to write my birth story.

    We were 1 week overdue. I had lots of pre-labour going nowhere. My MIL is a midwife and kept driving down from the Sunshine Coast but to no avail. Finally on the Tuesday my water broke when I got up in the morning. I was over the moon. Finally things were going to really happen!
    We drove to the hospital where it was confirmed that the waters had broken. Called MIL and she headed on down (1 hour away). They admitted me and gave me 24 hours to get my body to kick start. Over night kept getting irregular contractions. Some were really long and painful but then they would subside. In the morning we were booked for an induction at noon (originally at 9am but they were so busy). Started off with a great frame of mind. Had my birth plan in mind. Get the drip in started off on the first dos of syntocinon - nothing (nothing usually until the third increment I have been told) At the second increment I started having tonic contractions - 10 mins long. Bubs heart rate dropped. Everyone rushed into the room, I got the oxygen mask on and got pretty much held onto the bed to try and stabilise bubs heart. Took me off the drip. After a break, we tried the drip again and I was told if it was unsuccessful I would be looking at a c/section. By this time the contractions were getting pretty fierce (posterior baby - lots of back pain. Can hardly remember tummy pain). Started drip again - repeat of tonic contractions.
    At this point a new OB came on. She check my waters and realised they had only half broken. Once they were popped, labour progressed naturally. I started on gas but resisted pethidine and epi.
    After 6 hours I was only 5cm. 10 mins later I was 10 cm and ready to push.
    3 pushes and Iggy was out.
    Thankfully no stitches - just a bit of grazing.
    Ignazio Rudolf - 18th April 2007. Was 3.66kg / 55cm. Now 9.3kg / 72cm!
    Love him with every beat of my little thumper.

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    Well done!

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    nicolle Guest


    Great job. Thanks for sharing.

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    Great story..
    Thanks for sharing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by krysalyss View Post
    Ignazio Rudolf - 18th April 2007. Was 3.66kg / 55cm. Now 9.3kg / 72cm!
    Love him with every beat of my little thumper.
    Nice story! I love his name and this last line! Nice One!

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