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thread: Abbey Raine 26th November 2007

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    Talking Abbey Raine's Home WaterBirth 26th November 2007

    The birth story of Abbey Raine.

    My birth story should begin with some of my pregnancy story. I found out I was pregnant with my 5th baby on April 5th 2007. It wasn't a planned pregnancy and was filled with many a stressful time and many uncertainties. The one thing I was certain about was my love for this unborn baby and my dedication to it. My due date was 10th December 2007 going by my lmp. However by these scan's I was due 15th December, this is the date I chose to go by.

    I had some bleeding early on in my pregnancy and was sure that I was loosing my baby due to all the stress. When I finally had a scan they couldn't find any baby. I was devastated. I needed have worried though. This was one strong and determined little baby; she was just taking her time to grow nice and strong.

    We found out on July 13th at 18 weeks that I was expecting another little princess. WOW, after actively trying to get a girl with Tehya here I'd gone and got a little girl without even trying. I was a very happy mummy.

    My pregnancy continued pretty normally, the only upset was the blood sugar levels. Thankfully they ended up being fine and I continued on problem free. Tiredness was the only downside I guess.

    I had decided early on that I was going to have another home waterbirth with this baby too. Victoria kindly offered to attend this baby's birth just as she had done with Tehya. There was no way I could go back and birth in a hospital after already experiencing the wonders of homebirth and how much more gentle it was.

    Jumping forward to a few days before Abbey's arrival. I had been feeling off in the stomach and just not right. By Saturday 24th I had a nice case of the runs. Contractions started that afternoon and by around 4pm I had to concentrate. I called up the hospital that I had booked in to just to see what they would say and of course they told me to come in for a check. I was put on the monitor and was having definite contractions with really good peaks. I had explained to her about the stomach cramps and the gastro, my thinking was that the cramps were making the contractions more painful than what they should have been. My stomach muscles were killing me.

    The midwife was quite nice and read my file; she knew that I was a planned homebirth and that also I was a VBAC. She told me that I had 2 real options. I could be checked out to see where I was at and then get up and go for a walk. Or I could remain there but if I did so it was hospital policy as a VBAC for continuous monitoring. I told her I would get her to check out my cervix, see where I was at and decide from there but more than likely I will be just going back home. A quick check showed that I was only 1cm dilated. So up I got and left the hospital.

    The minute I got out of the labour ward doors I called Victoria, my midwife to let her know what was happening. It is worth noting that she lives around 4 and a half hours drive away. Victoria has a shift that night but was happy to be picked up after it. So quickly the ball started rolling. It was approx 6.30 pm when I left the hospital.

    Mum and I called through to the shop and grabbed some last minute birth things for me, like Gatorade (that never got drunk) and lollies (that never got eaten). My dad and DP were driving up to Port Macquarie that night and doing a return trip with Victoria. I only hoped that I would hold out that long.

    Mum and I got home and the pool was already blown up as was the mattress. Good boys. Dad and Mark left around 9.30pm.

    Mum went home and the kids were all tucked up in bed so I got on BB for a while. I chatted back and forth with Alan and was on msn with BG. Thanks for keeping me sane guys. I went to bed around 12am. And was up again by 5.30am with stomach pains I lay there wondering if it was contractions. Nope, I needed the loo again.

    Mark, dad and Victoria returned around 6.30am on Sunday 25th and of course overnight everything had settled. Victoria walked in to a smiling face. Not what she was expecting I am sure.

    I asked Victoria to do a VE on me to see if I had made any progress. Nope, still only 1cm, looks like the gastro was the cause of all the contractions. We all had some breakfast and a good chat. Around 10.30am my waters broke. There didn't seem nearly as much as there was with Tehya, but then bub's head was so low in my pelvis she was probably blocking half of it. Contractions didn't start up though so here I was with no water's and no contractions.

    I called up a lady I know that does acupuncture and she came out and gave me a good strong session late in the afternoon. Victoria and I took a drive up to mum's house then came home, had some dinner and went for a walk.

    With kids and DP all tucked up in bed, Victoria and I sat and watched the Idol final. My choice, not her's. I was dehydrated from the gastro so Victoria gave me some IV fluids. My contractions started up at around 9.30pm hard and fast. They were every 3 minutes and lasting only 30 seconds. Not long later they had jumped to 2 minutes but still only lasting 30 seconds. I was starting to become a bit more vocal during then. And the thoughts of "there is no way I can handle hours of this" came into my head. I honestly though I had ages to go, given the length of the pains.

    Jump forward an hour or so and I tell Victoria that I need to poo. She tells me it's not a poo I need but a baby, but with my days of gastro I'm not risking it. It sure didn't feel like baby pressure. I get up and go to the toilet and of course there is no poo, its bub moving down. I stand up and get a big contraction, one that has me pushing. I say to Victoria I think it's time you checked me. At this time DP, was fast asleep, mum was at home sleeping and so was Nadine who was to do my photographs.

    Ok so a VE later and I am 7cm dilated!! Crap !! Time to get that pool filled, Victoria wakes Mark up and he promptly falls back to sleep. I try to call mum and the phone rings out. She calls me back and gets "Get here now, quick !!" Victoria calls up Nadine and she too is on her way. By this time it is around 12.30ish perhaps a little later.

    I get into the pool at 1am, ahhhhh heaven. That is what I needed. The warm water was sooooooo nice. Still my contractions are around every 2 minutes. I've given up timing them now, but they aren't lasting long. I wonder how the hell am I going to push a baby out on such short contractions. My stomach is killing me. Not so much the contractions but I am thinking more from the gastro. It hurt way too much to push. In a weird way though. Not like pain in the vagina or anything like that. The pain was solely in my stomach, very low down, like across my scar. I couldn't verbalise this though at the time.

    So I did what every one does when it hurts too bad, I just wouldn't push !! Not sure how I thought I was going to get bub out but it wasn't with me pushing. I was still in denial that we were that close to meeting our little girl. The contractions weren't lasting long enough and I didn't have the urge to push at all. Victoria had told me several times that she was right there, and I even felt in and touched her hairy little head. This did inspire me to push though. So I tried and tried, although not as hard as I could have, and Abbey just would not move. She had been posterior up until her birth. We figured she turned sometime before coming out. Eventually I turned over and got on all 4's. I didn't want to birth this way. I wanted to be the one to catch Abbey. I wanted my hands to be the first to touch her.

    I pushed so much better this way. I felt Abbey moving down the birth canal further, still no huge urge though. Not until she was almost crowing did I really feel that overwhelming urge. I pushed but only a little bit. I let my body push her down with little pushes from me, and pushed again without contractions to get her to move that bit more. It hurt less to push without the contraction there.

    Just as Abbey was ready to come out Tehya woke up and out she walked. Mark was about to take her back to bed when I told him that if he did he was going to miss the birth. So Tehya sat on her daddy's lap, next to the pool and watched with big wide eyes.

    Victoria asked me if I wanted to turn back around so I could birth Abbey the way that I had planned. I couldnít verbalise but I didn't move either. I knew within myself that if I moved all momentum may have been lost and I didn't want to ruin what was working.

    As I made no effort to turn around Abbey was going to be born with me on all 4's. Now came the next issue. I kept lifting my bum up. So it was out of the water. If I was to birth Abbey in the water I needed to keep it down and under the water. I just couldn't do it. My back was breaking and I kept arching my back so my bum was out of the water. Abbey was going to come out into the air rather than the water. A couple more good pushes with and without contractions and her head was out. Didn't seem to take much and it sure felt smaller than the other kids.

    Everyone was gushing and saying how cute she was and all I could think of was it's not fair, they can all see her and I can't. I had my head buried into the side of the pool and kept telling Nadine to take photos, take photo's. I was listening for my camera as it makes a sound but Nadine was using her own. That's why I couldn't hear it. The poor girl must have taken half a dozen pictures of Abbey with just her head out. (thanks hun) Abbey tried to give the tiniest cry but it was only a whimper and that was it.

    The next contraction came and so did Abbey. Ouchies. That bit hurt. My beautiful little girl was out. Victoria caught her and waited for me to turn around to nurse my baby girl.

    When I finally found the energy to turn around I was greeted with the most perfect little angel. All I could think of was how small she was. And OMG no red hair !! Abbey and I snuggled up in the pool for a while and Abbey made her way slowly towards the breast. She latched on perfectly. Wow this baby can suck.

    All the while Tehya sat there quietly looking on. She stuck her head over the side of the pool after Abbey was born and I asked her if she wanted to hop in but she chose not to. Can't say I blame her.

    Abbey's cord was left attached for 40 minutes until it stopped pulsating. I clamped and cut the cord of my final baby. What a bittersweet moment. This was the end of us being as one. Moving from one stage in her life and onto the next.

    I handed Abbey over to Mark for him to nurse. Somewhere in the 5 minutes before this Noah woke up too. My 3 youngest children all got acquainted with each other. And many pictures were taken.

    My uterus was not contracting enough though and I started to loose some blood. I knew that this was a possibility being my 5th baby. Sometimes the uterine muscles are just too stretched to contract back in and this is what was happening. The placenta was checked and was found to just be sitting inside of me and after a couple of pushes it was out.

    I was feeling very weak in the legs. Mum and Victoria had to just about pick me up out of the pool and put me onto the mattress I had set up. Victoria sat there and rubbed my stomach, trying to get my uterus to contract. I lay there just about in tears. It was really hurting me. Eventually we succumbed and I had some synto to help me contract and stop the bleeding. Thankfully I still had the canula in my arm from the fluids I'd have earlier so no need to it again.

    Abbey had cuddles with my mum, Victoria and then Nadine. And of course there were more pictures taken. Then it was time to check and weigh her.

    Weight 3.2kg or 7 pounds
    Length 50cm
    HC 34.5cm

    Abbey was a full pound lighter than Tehya who was my next smallest baby. No wonder she felt smaller.

    Everyone had lots of cuddles of Abbey and we were finally tucked up in our makeshift bed for the rest of the night. Nadine packs up her camera's that she'd been busily snapping and videoing with and said her goodbyes. Mum leaves too. Mark has already taken the kids back to bed with him. And all is quite, just Abbey and I.

    I'm not sure how long I lay there, just her and I. I could not take my eyes of my princess, she was finally here. And oh my, how gorgeous is she. The more I looked at her the more I thought that the name Abbey would really suit her. We hadn't yet decided on a name, but here, now, looking at her, she was so petite and a girly name seemed to really suit her. I told Mark we he finally got up that I though Abbey should be her name. It was settled.

    I woke around 5am and needed to go wee so I very slowly made my way to the toilet but then was stuck there. I sat in there calling out to Mark, trying not to wake the household. Thankfully, finally he woke and helped me back.

    Tehya woke at 6 am all bright eyed and wanting to see her new baby again. Yawn, only about 2 hours of broken sleep. What a night !!

    In the days that followed Abbey's birth they have sure been busy. Mark had to drive Victoria back home on Tuesday, so the day after Abbey was born. I packed up and stayed at mumís house for the night after a break down. There was no way I could look after a 2 year old and cook for the big boys a day after birthing. I was exhausted. Mark got back on Wednesday morning.

    I had my GP come out on the Tuesday afternoon do give Abbey and I a check over. Victoria had noticed that Abbey had positional talipes. This meant that the feet both turn in, the bottoms of her legs are also slightly curved. Abbey's fontanel is also quite small. It is opened and that's the main thing. It's just a matter of keeping an eye on it and making sure it stays that way to allow for her brain growth. Hopefully it will pose no other problem to her in the future.

    My GP organized for Abbey to see a physio at the local hospital and we got in there on Wednesday, when she was only 2 days old. They aren't too worried about her legs and we have a follow up when she is 2 weeks old.

    Abbey is going well and sleeping fine for now. She is jaundiced and is currently waiting for her blood test results to come back to see how her levels are and if she needs admitting for phototherapy.

    So there you have it. My birth story of what I am thinking (planning) of my last baby.

    My precious little girl Abbey Raine. (her middle name after my mum Lorraine)

    A huge Thank you goes to my Mum for being there throughout my whole pregnancy, for supporting me through the hard times and holding my hand (and bucket) through one of the most joyous moments in my life.

    Another Thank you goes to Victoria for making the journey down here and back home again so selflessly.

    Thank you to Nadine for being a great friend and for taking some awesome pictures and video of Abbey's birth.

    And finally Thank you to Mark for trying his hardest to be supportive during Abbey's birth. He was much more relaxed this time even though I know he's not keen on homebirth's.

    As soon as I get some time I will make up a montage to go along with this story.

    I hope you all got as much enjoyment out of reading my birth story as I have gotten out of Abbey herself.

    Abbey's Birth Montage

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    awesome story hun - and such a beautiful little princess you have there!

    you make it very easy to fall in love with the idea of a homebirth!

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    what a beautiful story

    thanks for taking the time to write it and post it for us all to be inspired by your amazing motherhood

    xx yogababy

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    What a wonderfull story and birth Trish, well worth the wait!!

    If only DH would let me have a home waterbirth..

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    Beautiful birth story Trish

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    Apparently in about 7 months I will be a qualified midwife - yikes!

    Trish, sweetness, what a beautiful story! Thankyou so much for sharing Abbey's journey into the world with us!

    And having seen those photos, they are also truly beautiful and you should be very proud of them!

    One of these days, we will meet eachothers bub that we know so much about!


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    awesome trish thanks for sharing!

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    Jun 2007

    once again, thank you for sharing your beautiful birth story...

    welcome to the world Abbey Raine!!

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    Great story Trish! No wonder you were so tired!

    What a beautifull birth story for a beautiful little girl..

    Thanks for sharing.

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    Thank you so much girls.

    Hope it wasn't too long for you but I had to get every little detail in there.

    Relle, one day soon hun. One day

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    oh Trish how wonderful. I read that and am totally inspired.... I tell you IF number 3 comes, he/she is coming at home!

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    What a beautiful story Trish..you have a wonderful way with words and you should feel very very proud of yourself. Thank you for sharing your journey..hope you are enjoying this precious newborn time.


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    No such thing as too long with a birth story hun, especially yours! Well done Trish, what a wonderful story. Thank you so much for sharing the birth of your beautiful girl, Abbey Raine.

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    That was a great read Trish, Congrats again
    Does Mark love her to death?

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    Oh so beautiful!

    Makes me want a homebirth even more now.

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    That was such a beautiful story Trish, I can't wait to meet her one day!

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    Oh my Trish... what a beautiful story and entrance to the world for your gorgeous girl!! Thanks so much for sharing and I agree, you are definately the most wonderful poster girl for home birth! Well done!!

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    Thank you so much for sharing your beautiul birth story

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