thread: The birth of Gemma Louise

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    Mar 2005

    Congratulations Kirsty and Corey. Glad to hear your c-sec wasn't too bad.

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    Congratulations Kirsty,

    I have delivered three posterior babies and I know that it is hard work especially in 2nd stage when you have to try and push the baby out. Fortunately I was able to deliver naturally through the help of the vacumn, especially when Melissa was born, she became stuck and they had to use vacumn to get her out quicker. If that didn't work I would of had a c/s.

    I am due to give birth again in 5 and a half weeks and I am getting a bit nervous about how it will go. I am considering asking obs. if he will intervene if I am pushing for more than an hour.

    Mother of Christopher, Luke, Melissa, Jayden and baby birl due in November