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    Default Blake Riley - 21 April 07

    I know it's been over 7 months since his birth, but I was reading through some and I thought it's about time I wrote mine. It's a bit all over the place but you get the general jist. Sorry it's so long too!

    I had been to hospital once before feeling off and having strong BH at 29 weeks. I was monitored and said to not be in labour (thank goodness), and had a small amount of blood present.

    At 32 weeks, I was having contractions, and had a considerable blood loss, this time I'm admitted for 3 nights and 4 days for monitoring. Luckily, the contractions die down, bubs is fine and the bleeding subsides. I'm given steroids for Blake's lungs at this stage, just in case he does decide to make an early appearance. All I can say is, OUCH! It felt like someone punched me in the leg, and I have to have another in the morning in the other leg! 2 dead legs, not very fun!

    Come 34.5 weeks, again I have blood loss and contractions. I am 2cm dilated, and a midwife tries to give me some pills. I asked what they were, to which she replied "just take them". I refused - I knew these were drugs to stop labour. After prelabouring for weeks, I was ready for this baby and I knew he might have a few breathing issues, feeding issues and most likely jaundice, but I was prepared (or so I thought). I was promptly rushed to RBWH in an ambulance as my hospital cannot deliver before 35 weeks incase the baby needs NICU (they only have an SCN). My contractions in the ambulance were 4-5 minutes apart and 30-45 seconds long. I was strapped to a stretcher and all I wanted to do was pace.

    Arrived at the RBWH, taken to a labour suite, where a lovely midwife strapped me to a CTG and got us all some tea and toast (I hadn't eaten). Contractions were'nt getting any stronger so I am sent to a ward with some panadol and sleeping tablets, being told the baby may not be ready and just playing. All the time, I was reassured by my midwife saying Blake is a great size, I've had the steroids, and he will be fine. The next morning, the contractions have stopped, but I'm still bleeding and still at 2cm. I stay another 2 nights for monitoring but everything fizzles out. At the time I was devastated, but now I am sooo glad this happened.

    On Friday afternoon, 20th April, I was having BH all morning. I decided to do some shopping with DH in the air con (it was still sooo hot up here), and walk around a bit, sitting was annoying me. I was doubled over in BigW, the contractions got stronger immediately after I walked a lap of the centre. I knew at this stage, I'd be having a baby sometime over the course of the weekend.
    We got home at about 5pm, then went back out to get some KFC for dinner (craving!).

    In the car, I couldn't sit still - the pressure from his head was intense already and I wanted to jump out and walk. Got some food, couldn't eat - by this stage I was in a state of quiet panick. I paced, checked BB (and posted some thread about "When did you know it was time?), and chatted to mum on msn. I paced through the contractions, I didn't want to go to the hospital - I was scared, and I knew they'd try and force drugs down me if I went in. I caved at 10pm and called the hospital just to see what they thought. They said and I QUOTE "Come in if you feel the need, but it's busy and we might have no bed for you". I was ENRAGED, if I didn't think it was urgent I wouldn't have called, plus I'm only 36+2. I paced and asked mum to come get me (Scott was in bed). I woke him up, told him we were going and I was having a shower.

    Mum arrived at about 11pm, by this time I refused to get in the car, HOW THE HELL WILL I SIT THE WHOLE WAY THERE? was what I kept saying. I can't sit, I can't...mum forced me into the car, and we were off. The car ride felt like an eternity - 40mins on a bumpy, windy country road - I was not impressed. I was silent, I couldn't and didn't want to talk. I was timing my contractions - approx 3 minutes apart.

    We finally got to the hospital, I had to stop at least twice to double over before I even got inside the hospital from the car park, and we were parked 20 metres away.

    I got up to the hospital and mum had to explain, I was too busy walking up and down the halls, no idea where Sott was at this point, I was in my own little world. Got into a bed at about 11.50pm, was hooked up to a CTG (why did they make me sit still, it was pure torture). Ob came in and checked me - "You're 5cm, you're having this baby, we're off to get you a suite". 5cm all by myself? I couldn't believe it, I gave myself a quiet imaginary pat on the back.

    We were walked to the suites (I was offered a wheelchair and I think I just glared at the idiot midwife), where we were put in the tea room because there were no beds. I was pacing, Scott was asleep and mum read a magazine. We were told it would take 10 minutes...a bloody hour and a half rolls by and I am still in the flipping tea room. A midwife comes in (no one even bothered to check on me in that time) and takes us down to my delivery suite. I hear a lady screaming...I alost walked out at this stage, I was terrified, and I thought to myself "What a silly lady, why are you making all that noise?

    We got into the suite, and I said "I want an epidural now!!". The midwife said maybe I should try gas first. I said I didn't want too because I was scared of feeling sick...she said I could have a shot of Maxalon to counteract that, so I did. I got into the shower and took the gas with me - I took one suck and felt like I was going to puke. Take it away I said, I don't want it, gimme my epi! The nurse suggested I have pethadeine first at least. NO I don't want to go all giddy I thought in my head, I was very opposed to pethadeine from the start. But, I caved. I knew I wasn't going to get an epi without trying peth first. Off she goes to get it, here I am bouncing on the fitball thinking "relief is just a ***** away". She comes in, mumbling, saying "you can't have pethadeine, it poses risks to the baby because he is early". OMG I wanted to slap her.

    Where is my epi, I want it now I kept thinking, whilst sucking on the gas. The gas did nothing for me, except keep my mind off the contractions a little.
    I then had to hop up on the bed to monitor Blake and the contrax - I think it was about 2:30am by this stage. They strapped me to a CTG laying flat on my back, I wanted to die. Seriously, if someone had have killed me then and there I would have been happy. After about an hour of absolutely MOANING through contractions, sucking hard on the gas to take my mind off, and writhing in pain, the Ob came in to check my cervix. I was at 7cm - would I like my waters broken, it will speed things up. Yes yes yes yes please do...a few minutes later and I am asked if I feel anything...Nope, should I? I look down and I am gushing fluid! Once I see it I feel that it's warm. I'm flooding the bed and the floor, and the midwives remark that I have alot of fluid. I move, and another huge gush - total over 3L of fluid! They place a monitor on Blake's head and I comment on how the probe feels funny between my legs.

    At 5:25, my contractions were on top of each other and I was moaning like a dying cow says Scott...I need to poo I say! The midwife promptly checks and tells me his head is right there and I am at 9 but with an anterior lip, she pushes it back and I am ready to go. By this stage I was pleading for a c-section, PLEEEEASE I can't get him out of there! They tell me to try and relax, and with the next contraction to "do a poo". I push, but not strong enough, but sure enough I did my poo instead of getting the head out LOL I was pushing with the contractions, and kept pooing everytime, I kept apolgising, I was so sorry for pooing everywhere! Mum asked if I wanted my top off, I was sooo hot so told her to take it off. I had Scott holding one hand, facing the wall and almost passing out, and mum crying holding my other hand. I'm pushing, and it's burning oooow this must be the head, Touch it they keep saying I kept saying no no I just want him out (I totally regret this now). He has a head of dark hair! NOOOOOOOOOOO I scream, I was certain he'd be blonde, omg maybe he's not mine? They tell Scott and Mum to look down, Scott wouldn't but mum did, and she burst into tears, her grandson was half out!

    Midwife Rosmie (beautiful, glad she came on halfway through, the others were useless) then tells me my I'll need an episiotomy as a tear will be extensive and I will rip 2 holes into one if I don't have it. I say whatever, do it now!! The local hurt, after pushing his head out I thought FRIG that needle hurt. A small cut, then another contraction is here and I push with all my might. It took a few pushes, and then I feel him slide out - he is here!!! 6.25am and the sun was just coming up. They take him straight away for apgars and to be checked as he was early - APGARS of 9 and 9, he is perfect! He wasn't crying yet, but after some manipulation he let out a small cry. After the 5min apgar he is placed on my tummy, and I am in shock! I am staring at this little slimy thing wondering where the hell he came from! They then placed a blanket over us, I was stitched up while Blake was off being weighed and measured. He had his HepB shot then as well as Vitamin K. He was then placed back into my arms where we had our first feed. It was beautiful, my aldrenaline was pumping and I wanted to text everyone and anyone who cared to know!!!

    I eventually got up for a shower, I really didn't want to get off the bed, where I stood up and lost alot of blood all over the floor. I swear, the room looked like a scene from a horror movie. I felt faint and almost did pass out in the shower. At this stage Scott is having his first cuddle and photos, and then time for Grammy to have a hold. I text everyone under the sun, and we have a few visitors a couple of hours later.

    6lb 5oz or 2870g
    52cm long
    HC of 34cm
    Apgars 1min 9 5min 9
    Total labour time: WHO KNOWS, but active labour at 5cm to birth was 6hrs 25mins.

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    Thanks for sharing your story Ashlee!!

    (belated) congrats on the birth of blake

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    Awww you should be so proud!! So strong and fiesty and now you have your gorgeous boy!!! Congratulations again, and I would be cranky with the hospital too hun!!

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    Thanks for sharing schnooks!! Hope your looking after yourself!!!!!!!!!!

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    Thanks for finally sharing your story with us.

    PMSL at Blake not being yours too.

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    Great story, Ashlee! Congrats on a fabulous birth
    He has a head of dark hair! NOOOOOOOOOOO I scream, I was certain he'd be blonde, omg maybe he's not mine?

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    As beautiful as the story of Blakes birth is i think it also sounds so scary (i didnt go into labour) but you did it!! Congratualtions on his birth and being such a great mum

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