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Thread: Jordans Birth story!!

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    Default Jordans Birth story!!

    So... as most of you know, I lost my plug about 12pm .. then i went to bed, and woke up at 12:30am with a really sore stomach, felt like an elastic band and flicked in there, and as i stood up, my waters broke!!!!
    contractions began right away... we left straight for the hospital.. we didnt have time to drop Jake off at my mums, so she had to meet us there..
    Got to Hospital about 1am, contractions were 4 mins apart, and i was only 2cm!!!!!!!! 2am, contractions were coming about 3 mins, and i got pethadine.. (which allowed me to nap between contractions..) 3am they were getting worse and worse.. midwife checked me and i was only about 5cm.. Then around 4:30am, i had the strongest need to push so i yelled out to her, and she told me that i was proberly not ready to push, so she done an internal and i was only 7cm!!!!!!! But i still felt like i was ready to push!! then 20 mins later my body started literally pushing on its own!! I screamed out "help help my body pushing on its own" (at this stage i went into panic mode thinking im gonna hurt Jordan coz i couldnt control the urge to push)
    She came back to check me, and as soon as she looked "down there" she buzzed the other nurse to come immediatly and told me the head was in veiw.. about 4 pushes later, Jordan was born!!!!
    He had trouble breathing at 1st coz the cord was around his neck, and he was a bit stunned coz of the pethadine i had earlier.. they told me that if they knew iw as gonna have him so quick they wouldnt of given me the pethadine..
    His apgar score was 5 at 1 minute, then 10 at 5 mins, so that turned out ok..
    I had a second degree tear, which isnt causing me too much problems, and my blood loss was only 200mls which was FANTASTIC considering they were worried about it!!!!!

    He was 7.8 pound, 49cm and just perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I was breastfeeding, but have blisters now on my nipples, therefore im using forumula now to give my breasts a break.. im not sure if ill continue with breastfeeding or not..

    Jake isnt coping very well poor bubba crys when he hears Jordan cry.. hehehe.. he will get use to him though.. all about adjustment!!

    I couldnt have asked for a more perfect delivery or baby!!

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    Great to hear everything went so well for you. Poor little Jake, he will soon get used to his little brother.

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    Well done!

    The blisters are a shocker arent they? I had really bad blisters and cracks with all my babies. It really hurts - I used to cry when I put them on!

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    Thank you for sharing your story!
    I hope things settle down with your little Jake soon!
    He'll love being a big brother in no time!

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    Thanks for sharing your story, glad to hear Jordan is going well!
    It must be a hard adjustment at first for older brothers and sisters after being used to getting ALL of you attention.

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    Thanks for sharing your story with us, sounds like Jake is loving his baby brother.
    Yup, the blisters are a shocker, they kill, have you tried using a nipple shield ? Sorry just trying to help your pain

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    Congratulationa again on the birth of Jordan and thanks for sharing your story with us.

    Its sounds as though you had a wonderful labour! I had to laugh at saying you wanted to push - I was trying to tell the midwife that myself at the same point as you during my own labour LOL!

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    i just saw this now! der! What a quick beautiful story! Cant wait to meet your beautiful boys

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    Congrats and thanks for sharing your story!
    Hope all is going well for you all

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    Thank you for sharing. Like Rayla72, i use to cry when i put Ben on for the first few weeks. It killed, but i was so determined to continue! Ive only just stopped breastfeeding. Im proud of myself for sticking with it, but im so very angry at the pressure i recieved from other people (midwives, MIL) to keep with it. It was agony, and i used to HATE feeding, but i would feel so guilty for even thinking about formula.

    I hope things are getting better for you! And welcome to the world Jordan!!

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