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Thread: Logans birth 3/6/07

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    Default Logans birth 3/6/07

    WOW where do i start....
    i went into labour exactly one week before my DD at approx 5pm Sat (2/6/07) i had no idea whether i was in labour or not being my first baby, i went to my mums and she said "oh well you dont look like your in that much pain" so i gave the hospital a call just to see if it was something that i should worry about or whether it was just the good old braxton hicks.

    The nurse on the phone told me to come up for some monitoring just incase because he hadnt been very active that day (but on the other hand i had cleaned the house from top to bottom lol) by this time it was approx 9pm.

    When i was put on the monitor it sort of hit me all of a sudden this baby was coming out TONIGHT! thats when the pains got a little more serious as well. The nurse said "well i could send you home, but i dont think you are going to be there for very long" i just thought oh no! this is it.......

    She told my partner to go home and get my suitcase and call my mum and my sister so they could come up. It felt like an eternity before they all came up but it had only been half an hour or so. i was just pacing around the birthing suite i was getting a little uncomfortable but nothing like what was to come....

    a bit of time passed although i dont remember alot of things i had a nurse come in and give me a shot of pethadine in my thigh then after that i was a little bit spaced out for a while i had nurses poking and prodding inside me (all my dignity has flown out the window at this point) i had an urge to go to the toilet and that is when i had my show.

    i heard a knock at the door and it was my best friend from geelong, i had forgotten that i had told my partner to call her, she left work in geelong and drove straight to warrnambool which is a good 2 hour drive!!
    by this time the pains were getting pretty fierce i ended up having a shower WHAT A RELIEF!! i didnt want to get out!

    i had a midwife there her name was janene i was so comfortable with her she had been doing home visits with me my whole pregnancy and then she was on call that night at the hospital thank god. at midnight i was a fair way dilated i cant remember how far but they told me i was doing excellent. At one point i was breathing that heavy that i almost made myself pass out... oops!

    to cut the story short i began pushing at around 3:30am and Logan Taylor was born at 4:04am.. had a few complications, the cord was around his neck and he wasnt breathing straight away but he was fine about 10 mins after he was born!!

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    Thats a great birth experience - congrats to you!!!!

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    Thanks for sharing your story.... glad you had a great birth experience congrats on your little boy.

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    wow i just came back to read what i had written... this is nothing compared to bellas birth story maybe i should re write it.

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