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Thread: Mylo meets the world (looong)

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    Talking Mylo meets the world (looong)

    I woke up grumpy on New Years morning, 2008: grumpy that this birth had not yet begun. By 9 am I knew today was the day, as I?d been having mild contractions when lying down, unlike BH that only happened when I got up from sitting or exerted myself. My mood brightened as the morning went on and I saw more and more evidence of a show that had started the day before. DH and I were able to ML and have a little sleep before going out for a walk with DS in his pram ? I was determined to keep labour happening, but I felt patient and calmly excited too! I was so relieved it was finally happening; I could relax for the first time in weeks.

    We walked around our streets as I collected fallen flowers, moaning but not stopping through contractions which were coming 3-7 minutes apart. DS fell asleep in his pram so we went home, put him to bed, and I cracked the (non alcoholic) champagne to celebrate imminent labour (never mind the New Year)! I bounced on my fit ball, downloaded some acupressure points and drew them on my body so DH would know exactly where to press. I posted on BB, had a light lunch and generally kept busy. I started timing contractions from 1pm: they were still 3-7 minutes apart and ranged from 40-90 seconds long. They were definitely gaining in strength but still very bearable so I felt like it was just prelabour and things were still a long way off.

    I rang the hospital at 4 pm when my mum insisted, and no one answered. Oh well, it?s New Years Day, a public holiday so probably the hospital is shut, I joked with DH. I got through to a midwife who said I should come in or I might end up having the baby in the car. Surprised, I started getting the last of my stuff together and saying goodbye to my 2 year old, who?d be staying home with my mum. The slightly frenzied state of activity brought contractions closer together, maybe every 2 mins.

    We arrived at the hospital at 6 pm and I was in a great mood. I was joking with the midwives and could still laugh during contractions. They gave us a great room with big windows overlooking the city. I was able to watch night fall, leaning on the window sill during contractions while DH ?pushed the button? to activate the acupressure points drawn on my shoulders and bum in marker pen. The pressure points really helped, relaxing the pain away while strengthening the contraction to do its job. The pain was halved. I spent a while dancing around the room to a rocking soundtrack and standing at the windows to groan, sway and peddle my feet as the pain got more intense. I tried out the shower, fit ball, beanbag and floor mat and avoided the bed.

    At 7 pm I asked for an examination to see how far I was dilated: 6-7 cm. After that things started getting full on. Contractions were clearly telling me this is NOT prelabour, and I could no longer stand up for them. I was getting tired so stopped dancing in between, and tried to rest in a position where I could quickly be ready for the next one because they were coming fast and hard. I had a hard time getting the midwife?s attention to ask for gas, as the moans turned into howls. She brought me a mobile unit so I could stay where I was, kneeling on the floor with the beanbag and DH in front of me. He asked her how far I was dilated and when could I start to push, she replied ?anytime she wants, she?s already fully dilated? ? she could tell by the sounds I was making. I was in transition already.

    She asked if I felt like pushing but I couldn?t really tell if I was already pushing or not, the pressure was so great. I felt wet suddenly as my waters began to trickle. I sucked on the gas and exhaled in long screams as things shifted into extreme. Some women docs or midwives were there suddenly and they said his head?s down really low, but it?s still in its membrane and that seems to be pulling him back. I could feel his head move down and back, so let them rupture the membrane and water went everywhere.

    They encouraged me to start to push instead of screaming, to use the pain to get him out. They were right, I realized, because screaming was like trying to block out the pain and resist the urge. The screaming was involuntary, but if I really tried I could convert the energy into effort to move the baby out. When that became clear I suddenly connected with Mylo, so knowing his name really helped. C?mon Mylo, lets do this. I conceptualized working together to achieve an outcome, rather than being stuck in a zone of ?me against the pain?.

    I could feel Mylo?s head getting further down and I felt in control, sort of. I was still fighting the pain but began to have thoughts like ?I really wanna meet you Mylo, I want you out?. It helped that I was so thoroughly OVER being pregnant and waiting for labour. It actually felt like something that I was doing rather than something that was happening to me.

    The MW told DH to hit the call button and people filled the room ? I couldn?t see them as they were behind me but they were women and really encouraging. I managed ?keep talking to me? as I?d felt really on my own in terms of professional support until then. They were great, talking me through what I was doing and directing me. I was so immersed in pain and determination, screaming and trying to push. I still had the gas but was crushing the mouth piece with my teeth. The Dr said, don?t worry about the gas, hold your breath and push. It hurt like crazy and I wanted to scream but I pushed (and screamed and grunted). I could feel Mylo actually turn in the birth canal. ?He wants out? they said.

    I knew suddenly it was time, I was gonna have to take control and get him out or this was never gonna end. I?d been pushing a really long time and heard myself say ?im sorry Mylo, I cant get u out?. Someone said ?you?re doing great, you?re pushing him out: next contraction, big breath, big push.? So I did. Oh my god! I felt my body open up: the pain was insane and I wanted to stop but it still hurt as much if I pushed or tried to stop it? so I was screaming and pushing and felt like I WAS DOING THIS. Between contractions I was allowed little pushes as he was crowning? push through the pain, they said, but it hurt too much, so I pushed and screamed and it burnt and stung but they talked me on? I could feel his head coming out (every millimeter!) ?he?s nearly there? they cheered and I pushed through the pain and his head was out!!! At this point I was still gasping and crying and doing whatever they said ? little pushes and big pushes I cant really tell coz my body was pushing on it?s own but I hear ?next contraction you?ve got to push out his shoulders?. I think or say ?Sorry Mylo you?ve been there a really long time and I cant get you out?- the pain is so constant I cant tell if there?s a contraction or not and I don?t care if I tear I just want this over. So I pushed with all my might and I did it! I pushed out his shoulders and his little body slithered out. He was behind me but they turned me over and there was my baby! Hello Mylo. I could talk. I was Ok.

    To my great surprise I was fine. They asked if I could move, I was like, sure, where do you want me? They helped me to the bed and they gave him suction as there was meconuim(sp?) in the waters and DH cut the cord and he began screaming like a devil child until they put him on my chest, where he instantly calmed and looked me right in the eyes as if to say, ?hi there, so that?s what u look like?. It was amazing. He was amazing. I was amazing. Welcome to the world, Mylo. 9:15 pm 1/1/08.

    They injected my leg, pushed on my tummy and pulled out the placenta which hurt, but relatively little. At first they said I had just 1st degree tears, no stitches needed. It would have been awesome if it had end there, but I began hemorrhaging, which caused a cascade of interventions that took three hours to fix, which felt to me like torture. In the end I had 12-15 stitches for 2nd degree tears (perenium, anterior and vaginal). I lost 600 mls of blood but had great iron levels so didn?t need a transfusion. 3 hours after he was born I was stable and they finally weighed and checked Mylo- he was fine: 3.38 kg, 51.5 cm and 33 cm hc. Labour was recorded as 7 hr 20 min first stage, 1hr 30 min second stage, so about 9 hours in all (but only 3 were really bad).

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    WOW. Congratulations and thank you for sharing your story with us. I sat there with my legs crossed feeling that burn from crowning. It really is something you never forget.

    Well done hun, sounds like you did an awesome job

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    Fantastic birth story xtml - Mylo is beautiful and the photo of the two of you in your ticker is brilliant! You both look so calm! I love that you collected flowers on your morning walk, reminds me of my early labour dawn walk!


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    Congratulations!! What a fantastic story, so well writtena nd had me completely emersed.

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    Great story Lara loved it! Sounds like a realitively positive experience to me! You did great glad it was better than the first time

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    Wow, amazing story!

    I was never allowed to push with DD as they didn't think i was dilated enough until she was crowning already (I was in a position where no-one could see and i'd never had a baby before so i didn't know what the sensations meant, i just kept sucking the gas and roaring so i wouldn't push) and the few times i did give in and push it hurt SO bad! I always thought afterwards i'd not have been able to hack having to push if it hurt that much. Well well well done! You must be se proud of yourself!


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    Congratulations on a great birth, xtml! How satisfying to feel (sort of) in control! And what a great image I have of you surrounded by supportive women as you gave birth Sounds like an awesome experience. Thanks so much for sharing.

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    congrats!! What a great birth

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    What a fantastic story! i'm really really happy that it was a more postive experience than last time. I can't believe you were dancing!! haha. I'll have to try that next time.
    When I had Ben it happened so fast (3 hours) i didnt have time to have any pain relief. Afterwards I was so proud of myself - as you put it - it felt like it was something that i was doing, rather than something that was happening to me. It felt so natural and i could actually feel him coming out. So it sounds very similar to your experience :-)
    Congratulations once more. You should be really proud of yourself.

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    That's so amazing, you did so well!! I know exactly what you mean about feeling each millimetre when you push baby's head out. I remember during my labour, i kept thinking, "One more push and she'll be out, one more, one more" but her head just kept going on and on and on, it was really quite scary lol!

    Congrats on your beautiful baby

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    Fantastic work!

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    Great birth story Lara and so well written, I felt like I could have been there with you! You did such a great job and sounded like you were so relaxed during the majority of your labour.

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    Well done


    Inspiring story

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