thread: Nathaniels birth Story from a fatherly perspective.

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    Sep 2004


    Its really great to hear from a man's viewpoint. I know for my DH he was always curious and one day got the chance to talk to a good friend of ours about his experience and when he said "you see that little baby and love it straight away and just want to protect it. you just cant explain the feeling", DH has desperately looked forward to that moment ever since.

    Its so nice to see a guy. like yourself, readily express himself like you have. Nathaniel sure has a great role model Dad!


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    Aug 2004

    Well done guys, great story!! Well done also to keep everything quite factual with dates and things at a time that is quite stressful - it really helps us figure out how things can go, but still turn out for the best.
    Congrats, and I hope your little bundle and Nae are doing well.