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Thread: Olivia Louise's Birth Story

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    Default Olivia Louise's Birth Story

    My little Sweet Pea arrived into the world on the 16th December 2007 at 12.21am. Here is my story of how things progressed?

    Saturday the 15th December was my official due date going from the doctors initial ultra sound in his offices back in May? As it turns out he was 100% correct as things started happening around 11am that morning? This is when I had my bloody show and man it was gross (something I hadn?t ever seen before with my previous two pregnancies as I was induced for both of those?)

    So after the show I thought I better go do feed my horses and clean up down there incase anything started to happen as I wasn?t having any pains at that stage? Besides the mild period like pains which to me where nothing as I had been suffering from these for 2 weeks or more and had lead to nothing?.

    Got home at 12pm roughly and had a nice warm bath to relax? and then went back on the laptop was in no real pain just having the mild period like pains?. I was trying to relax and rest up as we had a work dinner Christmas function to attend that night.. DP was hooking up my head lights on my car and the kids where playing quietly? Around 2pm I had this urge to get up and tidy up even though I really didn?t want to doing it I couldn?t stop myself and was on a mission from washing to vacuuming and putting stuff away the time just flew by and before I knew it, it was time to start getting ready to go out so we got changed and I decided to take my hospital bag with us just in case but still no real pains just uncomfortable. DP took kids to his mums place will I finished getting ready and organizing stuff he came back around 6.00pm and we hoped in the car and headed to the bottle o to get a few drinks and that is when the pains started and didn?t stop the entire drive into Kalgoorlie (60km drive) I was timing the contractions and they where coming every 5 minutes lasting 30-45 sec and where quite noticeable and took my breath away? Still I was determined to get to the work function even if to make a appearance if nothing. We arrived there around 7.00pm and went in DP got himself a beer and we went out and sat beside the pool with a group of people I managed to sit there for 30min and he had a just got a bourbon when I said its time to go to the hospital I got up and went to the toilet and he was waiting for me and we left (everyone knew by now that I was having contractions and it was daunting having so many people staring at you) I had rang my sister also in the 30 min and told her that I was heading to hospital very soon to be checked over as she is a birthing support person as well?

    We arrived at the hospital 7.45pm I say to the midwife I think I am in Labour having pains every five minutes lasting 30-45 sec and she was like you sure ahuh I am sure is all I could say, so she sends me to the observation room and says someone will be with you in a minute. I am sitting on the couch down there when another lady pops her head around the corner and says can I help you and I say I was sent down here by the midwife up the front counter and she looks at me and say you not very big are you? lol? That is when I tell her that is my due date and she proceeds to tell me about the percentages of babies being born on there due date.. DP is just walked out of the room to get things out of the car and my sister phones my mobile to ask what was happening so he answered that call for me? Another contraction hits just as the midwife walks in the door so she feels my tummy and once that one ended she tell me to hop on the bed so she can check the baby?s heart beat and have a better feel ? Just as I lay on the bed I say ummm I think my waters have broken (another thing that has been broken for me never felt them break naturally) I thought I had peed myself lol?How embarrassing is all I could think?I pull down my pants and nope definitely my waters, and bubs has pooped inside me as there was meconium in my waters.. She did a internal and I was 4cm but easily stretched to 5cm I was taken into the birthing room then and had to have a fetal monitor on me and a contraction monitor as well for the entire labour as they wanted to make sure bubs wasn?t in distress. So I couldn?t walk around and had to lay down the entire labour unless I needed to wee?So for the next 4 hours I breathed through each contraction some felt like they where on top of each other and where never going to end?the worst thing I found was the back pain it was excruciating to the point of crying. it felt like my spine was being crushed? Just after midnight my midwife does another internal on my request and I am 8cm dilated not long to go now. At around 12.10am the midwife says would you like to change position maybe a bean bag on the floor to take the weight of my back at this stage I would?ve agreed to anything so she walks out of the room and then about 10 sec later I say to my sister and partner I need to push and before I knew it I was I couldn?t stop it sister tells partner to go get midwife back now and she walks back in and says ok this is it bubs head is crowning she gets her gloves on and tells me to pant so I don?t tear which was so darn hard felt like I was going to hyperventilate about 10 sec later and one more push the head is out, then time for the shoulders which took about 3 min or less and my baby was born and placed onto me?As I hadn?t found out the gender they left it for me to have look and I was right I had a little girl she was absolutely adorable and perfect? We took a day to agree on her name but finally it was decided Olivia Louise Valentine a name I had picked from early in my pregnancy no boys names where decided couldn?t think of any wonder why lol

    So that is my birth story no drugs and no tears or stitches a tiny graze that was it?7.5 active labour all natural. I am very proud my daughter started the process on her due date if it wasn?t for daylight savings she would?ve been born on her due date as well?but in a way glad, as I wanted her birthday to be the 16th .

    We missed out on a free dinner but got our darling daughter instead.

    I love like to thank my beautiful sister and partner for being there for me the entire labour rubbing my back and supporting me?.

    As gallery isn't allowing uploads at the moment the only photo I have of little Olivia is in my signature...

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    aww what a lovely birth!!!

    ps gallery is working again

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    She's beautiful! You must be very proud. Well done.

    This is my 1st bub (due April) - hope my bubba's birth comes as naturally as yours did. It's very scary not really knowing what you are in for in terms of giving birth!

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    She's gorgeous - what a lovely little girl!! Well done on the birth - you did a fantastic job getting through the contractions flat on your back.

    I would have wanted to slap the 'oh you're not very big are you' lady - what a pain.

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    What a lovely little girl you have there! Great birth story well done!

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    WOO HOO for getting story on here so quick!! well done hun on a great job

    relax and enjoy her!!!


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    What a great story..

    A DD is much better then a free dinner

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    aww how cute is she??!! Congratulations - specially on the fantastic birthing experience this time around. Good name pick too ;-)

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    Congratulations once again Teena. Sounds like you did a great job huni.

    Thanks for sharing your story with us

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