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Thread: Our induced birth story

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    Default Our induced birth story

    Greetings all,

    I thought to share with you the story of our first birth. Emily (DD) was induced because my DW was diagnosed with gestational diabetes although she only failed the final test by 0.5 percent. We were booked in two weeks early because of the diabetes which when we found out it was the thursday, and they booked us in for the Tuesday following... so it was a surprise that in 4 days all of a sudden we were going to have our baby!

    We went in at 6am as requested, but they had a two emergancies so they didn't induce us straight away, but we were in our birthing suite room just in case. We waited until 11am when told that they would induce her just after 1pm. Eventually they started the process, and turned up the drip each half an hour but around 3pm there were a few more emergancies that postponed the turning up of the drip by twop hours... sort of keeping her in limbo.

    Eventually at 11:45pm she was dialeted enough for the show to start. They started getting everything ready asking her politely to close her legs until it was all ready.

    She started the actual birth at about 12:05am and at 12:25am on ANZAC day my first child was born, which is fitting as both my DW and I come from Army families.

    I have never been so proud as the actual birth was effortless for my DW and she made no noise, and the baby was out in only 4 pushes, with no real pause time after the head popped out.

    Well... that's about it. They both came home on the afternoon of the 26th and we were told by the visiting midwife that everything was going perfectly and she wouldn't have to return unless we asked.


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    Thanks for sharing your DD's birth story with us Mat.


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    Great story Mat and congrats to you and DW.
    Nice to hear an induction story that went smoothly with a great outcome... did she turn out to be a biggun as I guess was the reason for induction???

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    MatBec&Emily Guest

    Default not so big

    Well... she was 7 pounds, 7 ounces, so no not really big considering I was 11 pounds 6 ounces! (I feel so sorry for my mum)

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    OMG Mat, your poor mum!!!!! I bet your DW was a bit worried about that piece of info!

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    MatBec&Emily Guest

    Default yup... she was!

    Yes my DW was a little worried... bt she figured the as she was only 6 pound, and I was 11 pound, she guess we would have a baby somewhere in the middle. So a 7 pound 7 ounce baby was a nice middle area.

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