thread: Olivia Rose * Birth story*

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    Olivia Rose * Birth story*

    Olivia Rose
    Time: 10:30am
    Date: 20th November 2007
    Weight : 6lb 12oz
    Length : 48cm
    Head Circ: 32cm

    What started out as a routine phone call with the diabetes educators ended with a rush visit to the hospital for an US. All was fine or so I thought. My BSL were coming good and I thought this is great and I feel great. Unfortunatly it can mean the placenta is failing and even though the Us showed all was well and baby was happy and healthy they canít tell if the blood flow is being compromised in any way!
    So the specialist decided to get me back in the following day (Saturday) for a steroid injection incase they needed to bring the c/s forward. Due to me having GD the steroids would send my BSL high so I had to stay in and have 2 injections 12 hours apart. As predicted my BSl went really high so I was on a drip for glucose and fluids and also an insulin infusion drip which was adjusted as needed.
    So I spent 2 long boring days in hospital basicaly waiting and being monitored. As things were going ok they were going to let me out Monday and get me back Wednesday for a reveiw. I walked mum and Simon and the boys downstairs on Monday afternoon and we ran into the Dr and he asked how my BSl were doing after they stopped the drip. When I told him he said it is time to take this baby out. We just looked at each other and said when? He said have you had lunch I said yes well then tomorrow morning...
    So then a mad rush was on to get organized.. i went back to my room to sign some forms ect. I was a little to excited at this point to worry too much. Then they came to talk to me about the possible complicztions of taking bub out at 36 weeks. But if they didnít take bub out the risk was worse. I asked if I could go home for one night to be with the boys. There was no problem there but i had to come back after dinner for a CTG and if that was favourable then I would be allowed to spend the night at home. Thankfully bub was still happy and healthy with a perfect heart rate so they allowed me home for one last night before we became a family of 6..
    Tuesday 20th november 2007
    We arrived at the hospital bright and early at 6:30am. It was suggested to me the night before to express some milk before I went to have the c/s so we did that first up. I got around 2mls so thats ok.. At 7am they started prepping me. I had all my bits and pieces done to me. And then we sat and sat and sat and waited for AGES! Finally at just after 9:30 they said it was time to go...
    I was already a little emotional as the nerves had kicked in by this time. I had a huge cry then calmed down but when they took me into theatre I started again. I was so scared. Eventually Simon was brough to my side and held my hand and I calmed down a bit then..
    The theatre staff were brilliant talking about the surgery and what they were doing the whole time and what stage they were up to. THEN.. oh baby has lots of hair and then she screamed and screamed and wow what a set of lungs our little Princess has..
    They lifted her above the curtain and boy she was tiny.. They let me hold her for a few minutes before they took her upstairs as she would need monitoring..
    I on the hand was doing great. While they stitched me up and did all their bits and pieces we talked about house prices and all sorts of things ha ha ha.. When they asked me if i still wanted my tubes tied I practically yelled yes!! then i realized how loud that was and we all started laughing.
    I was taken to recovery where I felt really great 
    Finally at 12 I was taken back to my room where I was told how tiny our little princess was. I was shocked. I was so expecting a baby closer to 8lb.
    5 hours after the birth I felt the need to get up and go see my newest baby, They said it was a little to early but I said I felt fine . So I was allowed up but only into a wheel chair and I was wheeled down to the special care nursery to see Olivia. Her BSL had been so low at birth they tested her twice because it was so low. She was immediatly given some breastmilk ( so glad I expressed now) then put on a glucose drip. I wasnít able to hold her when i saw her as she was under the heat lamps due to temperature issues but I was able to touch her..
    I started to feel a little sick so I was taken back to bed and given a shot of maxillon. I then slept for a little while and felt better
    That night Olivia was brought to me for a feed and she did really well for a 36 weeker at attaching. She did take a little while but once she realized what to do she was a champion and we havenít looked back.
    So far so good,. Our little princess is doing well and feeding well. Sleep is not bad for a 5 day old 
    The boys love her and think she is so cute and tiny..
    I am recovering well. And taking it easy when i need to.
    Now onto life with 4 beautiful children. Life is great!!!

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    Jun 2007

    I didnt even se eyour birth announcement!! Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful daughter

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    Thank you !

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    Nic, what a beautiful story!
    So glad to hear that you are both doing well


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    Wow Nic - well done! And I love the name! Hope she is coming along well now.

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    Congratulations Nic - sounds like a good birth and am so glad you are both doing so well. had a little tear when reading it as rang so many bells as when i had Will.

    Julie x

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    Congratualtions on the birth of your DD

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    awwwww she's adorable!! My daughter's name is Olivia too! I love it. CONGRATULATIONS!

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    Nic, I have only just come across this thread.

    Sounds like you did a great job huni.
    Congratulations once again.

    Olivia is just gorgeous.

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    I love your choice of name... Congratulations

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