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Thread: Extended breastfeeding

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    i just wanted to say a big huge Congratulations and well done on Breast Feeding your babies! When i was pg i planned on bf til he self weaned but he had an op at 3 weeks and was nil by mouth for 3 days, and was diagnosed with servere reflux and it wasn't the same ever again. I had no family or friends around to support me and really struggled to find any support at the time and ended up getting really stressed and depressed and stopping feeding at 5 weeks. I have regretted and grieved this decieion ever since as i thoroughly enjoyed our bf relationship before his op. I will never forget his last feed.

    With the next bub i now know a lot more and will persevere with bf and absoluteley can not wait to be able to bf again, i know i will be very upset when next bub weans. DH has some negative feelings about me bf again just cause it got so stressful last time, but i had such a huge supply of milk that it would be stupid if i didn't.

    WOW! sorry to hijack the thread didn't intend on writing all that, guess i really do have some strong feelings about bfing.

    anyway a big pat on the bac to you, i have had sooo many women tell me its ridiculous to bf past 9 months of 1 year as there is no longer any goodness for the baby, its only for the mother who is being selfish bfing beyong this age!!! WHAT THE!! poo poo to them, you go girls!

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    I'm still b/f my son who is about to turn 13 months and I plan on b/f him until he is two (the recommended age set by WHO). To me it's more about instinct and what's right for the baby rather than what is convenient for "other people". I too have big issues with the inlaws not liking it and preferring to watch a baby being bottle fed the breast fed but that's more to do with they're own hang-ups then to do with me. It's still frustrating though because they gang up and that's just a big PTA! Still I know I'm giving the very best start I can give to my baby and that's the most important thing.

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