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    Default Nursing Necklaces

    I'm thinking about getting a nursing necklace / breastfeeding necklace to help my distractible DS to focus on the job of feeding! But, I'm concerned that this may just prove to be an additional distraction.

    Has anyone tried one of these? Did you find it helpful? Has anyone tried one and found it to not be helpful (e.g., to be just one more distraction)?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Thanks Caro - that's good to hear and I'd love more details if you can. I've checked out your website - I couldn't find a pic of your necklace, but I've got to say your little ones are just gorgeous!

    My 4mo DS is driving me crazy at the moment - he will only suck for a couple of minutes and then pull off to look about and "climb" all over me. Then he'll reattach a while later for a short bit. Just stop and start and stop and start! Right from the start up until a couple of weeks ago, he would insist on about 30 mins each side at every feed - this week I'm lucky to get him to feed for more than a few minutes.

    I'm getting desparate for a solution and am hoping one of these necklaces will do the trick!

    Anyone else have any experiences to share?????

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