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Thread: Toddler's view on other people BF

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    My niece and nephew were not BF babies so when i had DD1 and they saw me feeding her they asked why she didn't have a bottle, Niece was then so consumed with the idea of BFing (she was about 3) that she started to 'feed' her dolls by lifting her top but if anyone asked her what she was doing she would go and get embarressed.

    DD1 was weaned before i fell PG with DD2 due to a medical condition so when she started watching DD2 feed she seemed quite intrigued, lately she has been coming up saying BOOB and trying to get my bra open, if my bra is open and i'm swapping DD2 to another side she leans over, puts her mouth on my nipple then giggles and runs away, DP thinks it's odd and looks quite uncomfortable when she does it.... now she sees her nanna and points says Boobies.. SISSY!

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    I agree, I don't think your DD's comment was inappropriate at all, just being observant. Comments like that from other peoples kids always make me smile. My DS likes to point out when babies are "drinking boobie milk" too. I've had a few shocked formula fed kids ask me what I'mdoing too. I tell them some babies drink their milk from a bottle, and some drink it from mommy. They usually like to get in close to look too.

    The funniest thing my DS ever said was to a cashier at Walmart when out with daddy, while I was still PG. He told her "mommy has a new baby in her tummy and soon it's going to come out of her hoo hoo and drink milk from her boobies" (he does know the correct words but prefers to say hoo hoo and boobie). She was horrified lol

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    Those stories are both gorgeous and hilarious!

    I was in a parents room feeding missy one day and another woman came in with her toddler and he plonked himself next to me and asked if he "could get some next". His mother was mortified and I was beside myself laughing.

    She said that he hadn't been b/f for months! Hehe, wee cherub!
    Sue x

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    Just after DD2 was born, DH was holding her and she was doing that thing that newborns do when they are trying to feed to him. DD1 (who was 2 and a half at the time) went over to her and said "New baby, not eat Daddy. Eat Mummy instead." DH and I laughed so hard. It amazes me what little kids can take in their stride and how much they understand so early on.

    My brothers were quite mortified when DD1 walked into the loungeroom one day when they were visiting and declared 'My baby is hungry' (talking about her doll), lifted up her shirt and 'fed' her baby. She fed her dolly from her belly button but I thought it was gorgeous. I was so proud of her ... I don't think there is anything wrong or inappropriate with toddlers knowing all about breastfeeding. I think it's great!

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