thread: Toddler's view on other people BF

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    Apr 2010

    Talking Toddler's view on other people BF

    So today we were out at a large shopping centre and needed to change a poopy baby. Into the parent's room we go. There was a woman tucked away in the corner breastfeeding and my toddler sat on the chair next to her.

    Toddler: "Look! A baby! Baby's eating boobies!"
    Woman: *stunned silence for a few seconds* "yes, that's what babies do"

    Could have been worse I guess, she tends to comment something severe when I'm feeding the baby, one of her comments is "yum yum! yummy boobies!" and I think if I was breastfeeding and a toddler came up to me and said that I'd be very worried

    The woman then went on to have a conversation with our toddler about whether she had a little brother or sister, and what their name was and so forth, so it wasn't all bad

    Anyone had other funny or inappropriate comments made by toddlers?

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    Jan 2006

    DS says babies "drink the boobies", so he's a little closer to the mark.

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    Sep 2009

    Oh what a sweetheart LOL

    My DS doesn't say much about it - but the other day I was expressing some milk for him to take for a nap and while the pump was on my right boob he was talking to my left boob saying "milky".....but just as it was letting down he squeezed my boob and it squirted. He thought it was awesome so now chases me around the house trying to get my boobs to squirt while saying "milky".......so not cool LOL

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    Mar 2007

    My DS1 who is going to be seven in September used to get confused. I would say I am going to feed DD, and then he would come up later while I was feeding and ask me to do something and then say "oh I forgot, you are milking DD"
    He get's it now, although every now and again he will say "oh you are milking..I mean feeding DD".

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    Jul 2006

    That is so cute!!

    My first DS (when he was younger) picked up a Barbie in a doctor's waiting room and lifted up her dress. He pointed to her boobs and said "milk-keepers". I have to admit to being proud

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    Apr 2009
    in the garden

    oh, they are all so cute!

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    Jul 2007
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    Jack just points and says "babies drink".
    He still lifts my shirt and says "Jack's drink", I ask him if he wants a drink just to see what he says and he runs away giggling, LOL. He had his last BF over 6 months ago. I now say bubba's drink when he points to my boobs to get him used to the idea that they're not really his anymore as I think he might become jealous when the new bubba is BFing. When he's upset or tired he still pulls the neck of my top down as he wants to put his cheek on my bare chest/boobs...it's sooo sweet.

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    May 2005

    My DD made the connection between breastfeeding mums and cows. Apparently breastfeeding mums are cows. She told me and many other breastfeeding mums this until we actually took her to see a cow, then she started telling everyone that breastfeeding mums are 'like' cows. I am not sure that everyone she told this to made the same distinction.

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    Dec 2007

    They are so cute! 'milk-keepers' I love that one LOL!
    Rach xx

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    Apr 2010

    That remind me ... since I had the baby, at home DD#2 has been climbing onto my lap and pretending to BF. Its been well over a year since she weaned, so she doesn't remember how its done - she's just copying the baby. Its funny, but she has teeth and I'm a bit concerned for my nipples through my shirt

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    Oct 2008

    Fred was a daycare the other day and a mum came into BF her little one. Fred lined up on the couch next to her waiting for her turn! The carers had to lead Fred away and distract her cause all she wanted was boobas

    I love all the stories

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    Feb 2010

    Toddler's view on other people BF

    I love these stories!

    I've found myself being questioned a few times by children whose families formula feed. Our 3 year old godson just couldn't make the connection:
    'what are you doing?'
    'giving T her milk'
    'yeah but why's she doing that to your tummy while she waits for her bottle?'

    It did make me a bit sad when I recounted the conversation to his mum (who is a very dear friend) and she said he was a bit too young to know about all that sort of thing!

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    May 2008
    ...where jumping on the bed is mandatory!

    I dont think DD has seen someone else BFing but she will ask me in the funniest places....''Boobie juice please mummy... boooobieeee juuuuice'' and shes never quiet about it!! oh well!
    I like milk keepers!!

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    May 2008
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    I am loving these stories it is all tooo cute, DS likes to feed his different teddies and then I have to feed them - he even swap sides

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    Jan 2008

    I recently flew to visit my sister and when feeding DD her 2yr old son came running up and stuck his face right over DD's face and looked at what she was doing, looked up at me, eyes wide, turned to my sister and said 'what is she doing?' He had the most incredulous look on his face! My sister said the baby was drinking milk from my boobs and for the rest of my visit everytime I fed her he would come up, look really close, walk away, come back and have another look....it was quite amusing to see his mind processing it all.

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    Aug 2007

    when ds was very little we went to bbq at my auntys place, my nephew was there who was 4 at the time, he followed me into the bedroom when i went to feed ds, and watched rather surprised as i put ds on the breast "what are you doing?" he asked me quite horrified, lol, i explained that j was having a drink and that my boobies make milk for him to drink, he sat there next to me and watched, giggling from time to time. then got up and wandered off.
    Next time he was at my parents place he was telling me how when he grows up he is going to have boobies so he can feed his babies! lol, when i fed j he sat next to me with a teddy bear lifting up his top and "feeding" it!

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    Feb 2006
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    Oh such gorgeous stories.

    I love how fascinated toddlers and preschoolers can be when you bf your bub, I have had a few little gawkers too. Kinda makes you less self conscious about bfing when there are two little eyes getting in as close as possible to check out what is going on!

    I have had a few funny stories through my bfing journies, but can't think of any right now!

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    Oct 2007

    I would never have taken what your DD said as inappropriate....just a curious toddler saying it how it is!

    The other day DS said to me when I was feeding DD "You're a cow...moo moo"...."I'm a horse, neigh neigh".....

    He has also started feeing his own baby.....a stuffed chicken!!! Seriously, what a crack up!