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Thread: Constant feeding - Im knackered and feeling like giving up :(

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    Anna, it sounds like you are doing well with your breastfeeding! Well done to come this far and have Ripley feeding so well. Better than me anyway, Madeleine is mostly on formula now and I have not looked back! I really love my time with her with a bottle and Dad loves it too. Sometimes I think it would be soooooooooo much easier with my booby though but I wasn't going to continue being unhappy with my cracked/bleeding nipples.

    You sound great though, keep up the good work hun!

    Love Bindy xo

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    Anna - congratulations on the birth of your baby. You are doing such a great job. My first born (he's now almost 16), used me as a human dummy for the first few months of his life, he would feed all day if I let him, the only time i got a break was when we went for a walk - he wouldn't take a dummy from the day he left hospital. but the upside was he would sleep thru at night (from 5 days old), my second one, wasn't as bad, but I made sure he had a dummy. He tried the opposite, party all night (feeding) and sleeping all day - wasn't going to work with a 5yo in kindy. took a couple of days, keeping him awake thru the day (he was only a couple of weeks old) for him to change, i still had night feeds, but it made it easier as i got some sleep. From what you say, he seems to be getting enough milk, just loves his mum - keep it up, you'll remember later and really enjoy that time with him.

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    Hi AnnaT

    It sounds like you're doing a fabulous job, particularly since you have another little one to run around after as well!

    Once Ripley as gotten the 'hang' of feeding and is a little bigger feeds will not last as long. And after that six week mark I think they tend to get a bit better at sleeping as well. I wouldn't be surprised, since you've got plenty of milk, if you don't manage to express enough to get the occasional break anyway, without needing to go to formula. But Ripley will slow down in the number of feeds he wants from you and hopefully he does that at night time so you can have a break!

    Does his big brother have an afternoon nap? I think it sounds like you should be allowed one as well...! My other tip (that I found an absolute godsend) was to bf baby lying down. If you are happy to co-sleep for a little while or just want to give yourself a rest while he's feeding it is so nice just to lie and doze. You can pop him back into the bassinette if you wake up, otherwise I found it was delicious to enjoy the occasional few hours sleeping with DD beside me. A couple of times she attached herself without waking me!

    We didn't co-sleep all of the time, just when I really needed a rest.

    Good luck!

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    Keep going! You're doing all the right things. This too shall pass


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