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Thread: Curious As To Everyones Thoughts?

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    Question Curious As To Everyones Thoughts?

    Hi Girls

    Just something I wanted to pass by everyone - its a little premature as its a little while off, but definately something on my mind & would love to get your thoughts/suggestions.

    DS2 is now 14 weeks old & feeding beautifully - as some of you know, it took almost 8yrs of IVF to get him here.

    DH & I have made the decision (along with our FS) that we won't leave it too long before we go back to do another cycle to try for another bub... my FS believes in terms of fertility & my age, the sooner the better... and I'm still so clucky now I could be pregnant again & be blissfully happy!

    We've decided on waiting until approx June next year to try again... only because I wanted bub to have at least 12 months breastfeeding before I had to wean (as feeding throughout the cycle isn't an option - I already asked my FS but he said the medications I'll be on for my particular issues are too dangerous to take whilst passing through breastmilk).

    So - my questions;

    If I were to express throughout the cycle of meds (approx 6 weeks) and discard the milk, but had a good enough supply of EBM in the freezer to continue feeding throughout that time... is there an average period it would take for my system to be drug free? (ie how long roughly does it take for medication to be out of the breastmilk?) Or is it different depending on the severity of the drug?
    Also, if I had to feed him the EBM through a bottle over that period, what are the chances he would take to the breast again at approx 12 months old after he hadn't had contact with the breast for 6 weeks?

    Can someone please explain how tandem feeding works once the new bub is here as obviously there would be no colostrum if I'm already feeding? Would the newborn be getting the right type of milk/goodness in the beginning?

    I would love to continue feeding DS until he weaned himself, (so longer than the 12 months I'm thinking of - if of course, he was happy to keep feeding) and not have to put a limit on it... but at the same time, we are on a bit of a time frame for the next cycle if we want to have more children, due to my issues & having to do IVF... so waiting longer than June next year to start TTC again is not an option either

    The only other thing.... my FS thinks I would have to wean before trying again for another bub as I would need to have my period back. (He said he wasn't 100% about having to wean, but presumed I would need to for my period to start again) - I know with DS1 it didn't return until he had weaned completely.

    So - heaps to consider, and I know its still a while off, just throwing things out there!

    Any thoughts would be appreciated (If you can make sense of even what I'm asking! )

    Thanks in advance
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    Wow! So much to consider.

    Firstly, you will make colostrum for the new baby even if you keep feeding the toddler. Some people have milk all through pg and get colostrum at the end and some get colostrum quite early. Your boobs are very smart, and will make milk for the newborn, although evidence suggests the toddlers saliva can alter the milk production when they feed.

    As for cycles and feeding, everyone I know got their period back before 12 months while feeding. I was the exception but I fell pg while still feeding 6 times a day and dd was 18 months. You don't need to wean to get your cycles back 12 mths their food intake is enough to rest your bbs and stimulate ovulation.

    As for fert meds and feeding...double check this with the aba because I know there is conflicting advice depending on the drugs.

    Good luck and you never may get lucky without even thinking about it!!!!

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    Default Curious As To Everyones Thoughts?

    I have absolutely NO advice but just wanted to say YAY for another baby in the not too distant future!!!

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    Wow, that is exciting!

    Hun, there are many circumstances in which it is possible to do IVF cycles while bfing. As with any other medication, the information on what is and isn't safe while bfing is not well known by most doctors. There are pharmacists and doctors with an interest in it and access to the latest mediations databases. As a starting point, you might be interested to listen to a podcast by an ABA counsellor who has been through IVF while bfing, after doing loads of research into it. I'll post the link here in case you'd like to listen. If you would like to contact her to ask further questions you can send me PM with your email address and I'll pass it on to her. Here is the link: MumsRight Podcast (scroll down to talk number 22 in the grey box on the right).

    WRT tandem feeding, the milk changes to colostrum at some stage during the later part of the pg and stays like that until your milk comes in after the birth. The colostrum is still really good for your toddler although some like it better than others, and sometimes their poos get runnier at this time. Having a toddler to help drain your breasts in the early days is fantastic for reducing engorgement. It can also help the toddler to transition to the new family arrangement.

    All the best with it all hun.

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    How exciting, Holly!

    From my (uneducated) musings, if your baby is not bfing during the night that is more likely to encourage your cycle to return. So you could always try night weaning, maybe even charting and temping , and see if that kicks things along before you have to face the weaning altogether option.

    Definitely research further about the meds, your FS is very good, but it wouldn't hurt to follow it up with a bfing and meds specialist (like Rodney Whyte).

    You could definitely pump and dump for six weeks, but I'm not sure how likely it is a toddler would return to bfing afterwards. However, if you were still pumping, there's no reason you couldn't give him EBM for a bit longer if you wanted to and try. At least you'd have given yourself the option. And if you'd weaned him off night feeds, you probably only need to pump a couple of times a day.

    From my own selfish POV, it would be seriously great to be pg at the same time as you! I'm really excited for you guys.

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    I'm also curious about tandem feeding.
    Doesn't the body only make enough colostrum for a new baby? As in, if a toddler is feeding too, does that make the milk come in earlier eg in 2 days rather than 3?
    Or does extra feeds make absolutely no difference to the timing and amount of colostrum?

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    Hi Holly, I have just been through this process! BF DS until he was 17 months (although had supply issues). Waited, waited, waited for AF to come back. Even though I was really only feeding to sleep, and sometimes at night, there was no sign of returning fertility. Found out that there is a big rush for me to get pg again, so had to fast track the weaning, which was very sad. Not quite 5 weeks after I stopped BF, AF returned and now I'm having treatment again. I would have considered continuing BF during treatment, but there was just no way that AF was going to come back until I had completely stopped.

    I hope this is not the case for you though, there is still plenty of time for AF to come back by next June. Maybe as you get closer to the time you could start cutting out feeds, especially night feeding and hope that AF comes back without having to stop altogether?

    I hope that everything works out for you hun.


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    Interesting questions!
    Well, first you need your cycles back. They may return before 12 months anyway. If not, you may well have to cut back. Some women do find they have to stop entirely, but very often cutting back to 3-4 feeds in 24 hours (or something along those lines) will do the trick.
    I cut out night feeds at 14 months and gradually cut back day feeds as well, and AF returned at 16.5 months.

    What are the drugs that are no good while breastfeeding? I know some women do have to take some rather nasty stuff unfortunately. The general stim drugs etc are ok, BUT they will affect your supply. You may find it's an effort to keep the milk going, but personally, I reckon it could be worth the effort, especially if (hopefully not!) the cycle does not work. That was my greatest feear, weaning and then still not being pregnant.

    DS was on 1 a day when my FET cycle started and after a week on progynova the milk was gone. DS kept 'feeding' till I was 8-9 weeks pregnant however. Whether or not your plan can work will depend a lot on your child - if he's dead keen and not ready to stop, then you've got a much better chance.

    All the best with your forward planning!

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