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Thread: engorged breast - am I treating this right?

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    Default engorged breast - am I treating this right?

    My left breast is extremely engorged. I fed Ambah at 8, she drained both breasts. About an hour afterwards, the left started to hurt, and it's now to the point that it's almost unbearable. I've tried putting her on, but she's full, and too asleep, so she won't latch on. I had a hot shower and tried hand expressing, but I couldn't get any out, and it hurt too much. So now I have a cold compression on it. Is that right? I've never experienced this before, and I'm in pain!

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    hun do you have a pump??
    pump the breast til comfortable and ring the ABA
    i was extremely engogred on day 4 with DD2, when the doms midwife came to visit so got me the electric pump and i drained both breasts, remember its still hormone driven so if you need to empty it then do so

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    How did you go? It's common at this age that mums make a little bit too much milk for their baby's needs - this sorts itself out over time. Whenever you feel uncomfortably full, express a little milk by hand or pump, and put an icepack on the affected area - so you have done all the right things. Let us know how you went

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    I'm useless at hand expressing too and I had this about a week ago .. when I'm *that* full just bending over forward in the shower is enough to trigger let down and the trying to hand express works way better. Standing up it is almost impossible. Worth a try, anyway.

    I haven't been getting anywhere near as engorged the last few days thankfully. I had issues that day because we both got sick and bubs was doing a lot of sleeping and missed a feed.

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