thread: disputing bond refunds

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    Jan 2009

    disputing bond refunds

    so i am waiting to find out how much the realestate is wanting to keep from my bond. we don't believe they should be keeping any and want to dispute a few things.
    has anyone done this?? i have no idea how to go about it and dont know where to start and how long this will take.


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    Jan 2009
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    10 years ago I was royally ripped off by the land lord and the Bond refund! Grrrrr makes me so mad to this day! (just let it go Cherished) LOL We left the place in far better condition then when we moved in yet the land lord picked really minor things that could be seen as regular wear and tear and took out bond money. I looked into it and it would have cost me more to dispute it then what they were withholding. The whole system was set up in favor of the land lord not the tenant. Sucky! Good luck with it though, you can only ask questions, my experience was a long time ago.

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    May 2009

    Have you spoken directly to the real estate and told them you disagree? That would be the first thing.

    If your still unhappy call your tenants authority in your state and have a chat to them, I've always found them to be very helpful.

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    Jan 2009

    yeah i have spoken many times to the realestate and told them i don't agree. they said they are going by what the owners want and that if we disagree then we have to take it to the tribunal. it sucks sooooo much.

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    Dec 2007

    disputing bond refunds

    Yes, we fought it and won twice.. Both times, the real estate had not done things we had asked.. One also wanted to charge us for carpet damage.. It ended up being wear and tear.. But of you have proof, the tribunal will be on your side..

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    My advice, get everything in writing. Your disagreement with very precise details and photos, if the realator won't discuss it with you, call the tendencies board and they will tell you where to go next.

    sent from my watzamajig so may not make sense....

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    Jul 2010

    The last place we rented sold and the new landlord was a total d ! c k. He wanted to charge us $40 extra per week so we moved out. Then he winged about dust on the plastic lampshades and also there was ONE pooh from my dog in the back yard that we'd missed. What a jerk.
    I agree with angelpants, get it all in writing and lots of photo's. Hope you get all your bond back

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    Nov 2008

    We disputed one of ours a few years ago. It was taking them ages to get the forms together so i lodged them myself stating the full amount of the bond and then the real estate disputed it and we both put our cases forward to the tribunal. I found it to be a pretty easy process. Not sure if it's still done the same way in QLD. Good luck!