thread: C/Sect Recovery Tips

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    Jun 2005

    C/Sect Recovery Tips

    Looks like i might need a c/sect and would love to hear from everyone who has had one, of any tips they have for a speedy recovery, this being at the hospital and then when i get home.

    Thanking you


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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Hey Angie,

    My Mum was great. She has had 4 caesars so she knows allll about it. From the moment I was being wheeled into theatre (it was an emergency c-section), she said to start wiggling my toes once I was in recovery. She said it helps to get everything moving ASAP. So I wiggled my toes afterwards and made sure I moved my legs overnight until I was able to get up and moving around the next morning.

    Get up and moving ASAP but don't over-do it. I found just walking from my room to the nursery every now and then was enough.

    Take the pain medication - they offer it for a reason! As soon as you feel a little niggle, let your midwife know. Once you are ready to go home, you should be ok without much pain relief - just some panadol.

    Just generally take it easy. There will be times where you will feel ok and forget that you have just had major surgery. Leave the housework alone. If something is really bothering you, get someone else to do it (and demand that they do it because it is bothering you).

    Honestly, I think I had a pretty smooth recovery from my c-section. I wasn't in a great deal of pain afterwards and now I wouldn't even know I had been through it (except for the scar). It's not so bad.

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    Custardtart Guest

    I had a friend who advised me, from her own experience, that if you overdo it and do too much too soon you will prolong your recovery period. I'm basically just reiterating what the other girls have said - make sure you get enough rest, and as soon as you can move with some degree of comfort, you might like to consider seeing a physiotherapist with relevant experience to give you some exercises to help your stomach muscles strengthen.


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    Melinda Guest

    Once you feel well enough to get out and about post-birth, to start with, just go for a very short walk....and I mean short, like 10 minutes! You'll be surprised at how tired you feel and pushing a pram makes you even worse. Gradually build up the amount of time that you walk for and just take it very easy to begin with!

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    glad you posted this angie,

    all those tips are great girls, i am pinching them too!!


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    Nov 2004

    I had one last month and I agree with the other girls to get mobile. Get up as soon as you can, it hurts but it is worth it and don't hunch over, stand up straight. I felt great the next day after my caesar and am 100% now. Also do you exercises, you have to do pelvic floor and are given ab exercises.

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    Kirsty77 Guest

    I just had a c/s a week ago and was mobile from the moment they let me out of bed!It pays to get mobile asap as I have found that my recovery has been great so far.And like Gemma said don't hunch over, you'll want to as everything feels like its gonna fall out!And don't overdo it to much as you'll end up sore and regretting it.And always be careful when getting out of bed, roll onto your side first and hang your feet over, and push up with your arms.