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    I will be a 1st timer and I am really wanting to have an Elec C/S I will have private health insurance and am thinking of the Freemasons (Melb), but I don't know where to start with a doctor and asking for an Elec C/S, people have been telling me no chance they only do it for medical reasons, any advice on if this is true and recommending a doctor anyone?


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    Janet Guest


    Choosing surgery for a birth with no medical indication is a very serious choice and I strongly recommend you look into it further. Elective caesareans are risky, often involve complications for the baby who is premature and come with multiple health risks for you as well. You would also be risking your life and future fertility through having surgery you just don't need with a higher risk of death, postpartum haemorrage and emergency hysterectomy. If you are holding deep fear around normal, physiological birth please find a professional to speak to about it as choosing surgery for an emotional issue is a very drastic and dangerous solution. If you don't have heart surgery without cause, why have uterine surgery without cause? If you go to the Birthrites website you'll see many many many women working to recover from caesareans. They are NOT an easy option, trust me, I've had one. Use this chance to change your life, and work through what troubles you. Carrying fear about anything is debilitating, whatever the fear. Your baby will thank you for a normal, physiological birth!

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    I agree with Janet
    Do not rush into surgery without first knowing all the facts.
    This is a post I made a few weeks ago

    It’s January 2005. Sue 22 years old (not her real name) and her husband Jim 24 years old ( not his real name) decide that they want to try for a second baby. There first child is 18 months and they do not want there to be a big age difference between the two children. Sue falls pregnant quickly. Just as she did with her first baby. The pregnancy went normally, just the usual morning sickness and general aches and pains. Her first baby was born vaginally, no problems and no stiches, but this time Sue has decided to have a C/S as a few of her friends told her that it is far less painful than a vaginal birth.

    At the beginning of November Sue has her C/S at 39 weeks. She delivers a baby girl weighing 7lb 6oz and everything went well. The surgeon that performed is a well respected paediatrician and surgeon throughout QLD.
    3 days after the C/S when the dressing was being removed there was a small amount of yellowish fluid coming from a very small opening in the wound a swab was taken and sent off for testing. Sue also has a slight temperature.

    Before the results of the swab are back Sue complains of feeling ‘unwell’ she now has a high temperature 38.7. Sue’s antibiotics are changed from oral (tablets) to IV ( a drip). The results of the swab show that Sue has MRSA ( golden staph). This bug can be very hard to kill. Sue’s condition continues to get worse and she is transferred to a major hospital in Brisbane where she had an emergency hysterectomy. Her condition continued to worsen and she was transferred to ICU. Despite massive doses of antibiotics she became septic lapsed into a coma and was not expected to live. However after just over 2 weeks in ICU she was transferred to a general ward and 10 days ago she was transferred back to us in western QLD.

    After a few more days in hospital Sue was discharged home.
    The septicaemia has damaged her heart and she also has 2 cysts on her liver.

    Sue has to come to hospital twice a day for IV antibiotics. This treatment takes 2 hours for each visit. She also has to have blood tests every week because the antibiotic that is being used can destroy the liver.

    In another 6 weeks Sue has to go back to Brisbane for more tests to see if the treatment has been successful and to assess if there has been any improvement in the damage to her heart.

    Although the names are false this is a true story. It is going to be many many months before we know if Sue’s heart and liver have suffered any permanent damage, but from the tests that have been done so far it is not looking good for her heart, one of the valves has been badly damaged by the infection.

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    Hi I have 3 weeks till my first C/S but have delivered 2 little 8+ pound babies naturally before, this C/S is for babys medical reasons, but please dont be put off by horror stories about birth at all its a great experience but for what ever reason read some of the stories on here about caesareans etc... and the proceedure and aftercare tips!!!!!! I think it speaks volumes!!!! But good luck its all your choice and if you need help in speaking to your OB there should be a care provider at the hospital or centre you wish to attend that can help you


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    Lindie, I know you didn't mean it this way but just wanted to mention

    I don't think they should be called 'horror stories' but important things we need to realise that really does happen - and potentially may happen to us. If we have 'horror stories' about vaginal birth then it's okay and people promote things like epidurals etc, but once there is a bad story about caesareans, it's all of a sudden controversial which I know I find frustrating!!!

    We all know that we birth babies in many different ways and that's okay, but some of us are more passionate about the pros of natural birth than others, especially those who work in the industry I think we are very lucky to have such people on BellyBelly to give us such offerings and insight into what goes on behind closed doors.

    I think we all know so little about birth that taking in what someone has to offer is very important - like they say with mothers getting more advice they really want... thank them politely for their comments and only take in what you need. Even for myself, I found the stories very interesting, and I know it is uncommon to contract things like golden staph, but it does happen. So I found it a good reminder on how risky it can be once you introduce an intervention.

    I know mums don't make these decisions lightly and I also know that caesareans can also offer life saving advantages too.
    Kelly xx

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    Default Thank you


    thank you all for your reply's!

    but it was not quite the help I was after, as this is what I hear already from everyone, so thanks anyway.

    just to let you know I do have an Emotional and medical Reason behind this but don't want to discuss.

    once again thank you, signing off!

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    I know you've signed off and I'm not detracting from any of the good advice in this forum, but ... if you want a c section and you have a private obstetrician, it is ultimately your choice, you're paying for it and they will go along with it. It might be different in a public hospital but if you're going private, that's the way it is.

    That isn't to say that they won't try to talk you out of it or ask you about your reasons for choosing it of course. Because it is major surgery and there is a fair bit of recovery involved, they need to make sure you are aware of exactly what you're in for.

    I think it also helps to talk to some people who have had caesars because they've got the first hand experience of it and can let you know how they handled it. It might help a bit as you are considering your options.

    Kind regards,


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    I had an elective c-sect by a private obst due to mild physiological reasons and many people judged me for it with out knowing my history. I dont feel robbed it was a great experience in a enviroment that was peaceful and controlled something I hadnt experienced before.
    It was right for me, talk to your obst and see if he can put all your doubts aside either way you choose.

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    I also had a planned c section, and I would do it again next time. I was also judged for this, however people did not know my circumstances.
    I beleive that all birth options be it natural OR c section carry risks to mother and baby. It is YOUR birth and YOU must do what you feel is best for YOU. Take on board advice from others but go with what your intuition is telling you. I did and I had a wonderful birth by c sect. I have an extremely healthy happy baby, who I have bonded with perfectly. I also CHOSE not to breastfeed too. My DS is not underweight or overweight, and has no health issues, and is very happy. Remember you are in control of your Choices and people should respect your desisions.

    Best wishes XX

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