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Thread: C-Section or Vag

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    Default C-Section or Vag

    Hi everyone,

    This is my first post so hopefully im in the right forum.

    This is my second baby and i am currently 35 weeks pregnant and cant decide weather to go for a vbac or another c/s. My first baby i was in labour for 22 hours and got to 8cm dialated before they told me i wasnt progressing anymore and would have to go for a c/s, it absolutely broke my heart as i hadnt even thought of a c/s during the pregnany it never even entered my mind I just naturally thought that everything would go well and i would have a normal vag birth as my pregnancy was trouble free,it was a great pregnancy to have for my first pregnany. My 8lbs boy was finally born.
    This time around my pregancy hasnt been the best i had the morning sickness, ive had practically no energy the whole way through, im constantly tired, plus i have to run around after my boy who is only 23 months and is an absolute handful (lol). Being 35 weeks pregnant i would have thought that id know by now what i want to do when the time finally comes but i just cant decide weather to go with another c/s or vbac.
    I dont know why but im scared to have a vbac as my friend who has had 2 vag births tore both times and told me how painful and uncomfortable the births were, even tho i know that doesnt mean i will tear or have a horrible experience, so i kind of lean towards another c/s but at the same time dont want to go for another c/s as it means i wont be able to lift my boy for 6 weeks or more. I wont be able to lift him to his change table to get dressed or his high chair for meals, or simply if he just falls over and hurts himself. I also dont want to go for another c/s as i dont want to choose my babys birth date, i want the baby to tell me when its ready to come out not the doctors. What to do what to do?


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    Hi Kayla and congratulations!

    Have you spoken to your Ob or midwives about how you feel? I think the best thing would be to speak to them and find out as much information as you possibly can. Read, ask the girls on here, search the web, really find out as much as possible before you make your decision.

    I had a C-sec with my second child as she was breach. I was all set to have another when I found BB. I think I changed my mind at about 32 weeks and decided to try for a VBAC. And I did. Everything was great, the birth was perfect and wonderful and I didn't even tear.

    What i'm trying to say is everyone has different stories to tell and some will be bad or scary but most will be encouraging and positive. If you want a VBAC then GO FOR IT!!

    I found it really hard not being able to pick up my little boy (he was 2) for the first few weeks after having my C-sec but I had help from DH and my Mum. Will you have any support? I remember saying to DH a few hours after DD2 was born "thank god I didn't have a c-sec or I wouldn't even be moving by now.

    Good luck with whatever you choose

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    I just hd 2nd c section, 1st was emergency also.
    I guess there are pros and cons to both options. I was all for VBAC until the day before I ended up having Liam. The doc at hospital told me my chances were only 30% success due to reasons prev labour failed ( obstruction due to babies size). Lucky for me I guess we went c section as Liam was 9.1 pound with a massive head ( he is perfect though)
    I am now though, not able to fully care for my 2.5 yr old and having to get a lot of help.

    I am sure you will make decision which is right for you and your family. No one can tell you what that will be though

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