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thread: Caesarean General Chatter & Discussion #5

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    Kirsty77 Guest

    Ewww I couldn't watch!I'd probably faint!Corey watched Gemma being born(um pulled/yanked out!)and I was nervous just watching the reactions on his face!

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    Hope2006 Guest

    Hi guys,

    I am due for a c/s in about four weeks due to complete placenta previa (grr - blasted thing didn't move like i'd hoped!). Did anyone have their babies under a general? I would prefer to not be awake because there is also a chance i may have to have a hysterectomy if the placenta doesn't come out easily and i can't stop bleeding. This makes me really really sad but i have to prepare myself for the possibility.

    Anyway, what happens after a general? Do they put the baby onto you to B/F while you are still asleep? Or will they make me wait ages till i can feed my baby? (Poor thing - it would be starving and i don't want them to give him/her a bottle).

    Any advice/tips greatly appreciated!

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    Jun 2003

    Yep you can watch! If my vbac goes in the direction of needing a c/s I plan to have the screen down. I know that they are trying to introduce a new trend where mothers actually help deliver their c/s babies by helping to pull them out... How amazing is that?!!!!


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    lindie Guest

    Wow, good for all you guys who are so informed about the whole caesarean issue!!!! Im having my first in 6 weeks and am pretty nervous with the whole prospect!! DH want to be in there so I am going to try and have a spinal/epi but if all else fails ill have a general DH would love to be in there so I must tell him if it happens to kick up a stink LOL.

    I wasnt aware that you didnt have to have the sheet up? I thought that that was just a standard thing? My OB is prolly a bit reluctant to do that as I dont have a strong stomache for that sort of thing but when you put it in perspective?

    Well thats all from me just glad to see some movement in this thread!!!!


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    Mar 2004

    Sharon, re the breastfeeding straight away, have you seen this post? If they could attach a baby straight away 20 years ago they can still do it today. Maybe you should put it in your birth preferences in bold and get them to put a big fluro post-it on your file requesting that the baby is attached while you are still asleep. Also you can get your DH to make sure they do it.

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    Sharon I'm not sure about having a general but I know that I started bf before they were even finished cleaning me up post c/s, check out that thread that Dachlostar linked its pretty interesting. Sharon just a thought but with the care of bubs have you & your partner made decisions? After Matilda was born DH knew how important I felt having skin to skin straight away was and he took his shirt off when they took Matilda away so she could have that with him... just an idea. Also when I was wheeled into recovery & they put Matilda on for bf he stayed until I told him to go & get changed & have a shower because he was covered in goo LOL...so there is opportunities if covered ahead of time with the staff of the hospital if you are not under a general... but I could understand fully your reasons for wanting one.

    Like fortestaffords I am a vet nurse and seen heaps of c/s on dogs, but I actually asked them to move the curtain up so I couldn't see my own bits. DH watched some of it because it was right there LOL

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    Jan 2005
    in the valley of cuddles with mountains of smiles

    I agree with you - how they arrive makes no difference but that you get to take them home. I am sorry some people gave you a hard time for your birth choice -which was what DR recommended in the end.

    I know it is more likely twins will be born by c/s so why would I try a VB - more risks to bub (or actually 2nd bub) to be put through long labour and then emergency c/section. I have nothing to prove . I had a vaginal birth with my DD.

    Each of us makes our own informed choice and also guided by OB's & MW.

    Dachlostar thanks for that info- I will ask about it but might be more difficult with twins.

    MY DH only wants to be there to make sure we get our babies (not kidding) after he heard stories of a baby (several) sent home with wrong parents but he might faint at what they do by the sounds of it .

    Goodluck Sharon - =D> wow I can't believe you are so close already it seems just like the other day you got the BFP.

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    BellyBelly Member

    Jul 2005

    Hi all

    Finally got up the nerve to come and post in here, and although I don't have any issues with a c/s I still have faint hopes that I'm not in here for good!

    My placenta is low and hasn't moved far enough (yet, but there's still a slim chance, it's got a couple more weeks before a vb is completely ruled out).

    I'm really interested in everyone's comments about having the baby with you asap (since this will be scheduled I don't think I'll need a general) and I read that some of you had your bubs with you in recovery. Does this depend on the hospital, the paed or ob or how bubs is? Any extra info would be great, as the idea of spending half an hour on my own while someone else is cleaning up my baby with my DP would have me crying the whole time! I'm disappointed enough as it is...

    Hope to get to know you all better! Or maybe not, no offence meant!

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    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    Jennifer I hope that you get have a vb as thats what you had planned! I believe that my hospital is very very breastfeeding driven and would do anything to get the proper attachment and bonding as first priority. So while they took MAtilda to do the tests which took 2 minutes they brought her straight back to me. And DH held her next to me until we moved (around 10 minutes later). at which time they put her on me.

    When it was decided I was to have a c/s the midwife on duty looked through my notes & saw my plans for post vaginal birth and tried to do everything she could for that to happen even with a c/s. HTH!

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    BellyBelly Member

    Feb 2005
    Mid North Coast NSW

    I think it would depend a lot on the hospital, but most are very pro b/f, so they will go out of their way to get it happening ASAP. Let them know how you feel. I didnt b/f until after recovery, about 1 1/2 hours after delivery, and I dont feel that hindered us at all. Of course i would have rathered it sooner, but it didnt cause any actual problems IYKWIM.

    Good luck - I hope you do get to have a vaginal birth!

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    Registered User

    Jan 2004

    Sharon, I had a general after being in labour for awhile, and having an epidural that didn't work.

    It was something that I hadn't even thought about happening, so we didn't have any plans on how to deal with it all. After DD was born, they took her back to the maternity ward with DH, waiting for me to wake up and give permission for DH to give her a little bottle feed.

    Even though she had a bottle feed, she was still hungry, so when I got back to my room, they put DD in bed with me and luckily enough, she latched on straight away.

    So, probably for us, our biggest downfall was not discussing all the possibilities that we could think of. Dh had a bit of a hard time dealing with the fact he was 'leaving' me to go with our DD, but looking back, I'm glad he did.


    Brooke - That is one of my fears with having an elective c-section next time, that the epidural won't work and I'll still need to have a general. How do you think you'll approach a c-section if you have another one? Would you go straight for a general or try the epidural again?


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    Hope2006 Guest

    Thanks guys for all your advice about generals and epidurals. It is great to hear everyone's honest experiences. Still don;t know what i'm going to choose!

    I have placenta praevia as well and I have been having constant spotting since last Thursday which is a bit of a worry. Everythime i check i am grateful that that is all it is and that it hasn't turned into a huge flood. I am seeing my ob tomorrow (Wed) and i think he may admit me to hospital to stay. He wanted to do that last week but i wanted to be at home. But since i have have this bleeding every day, i would much rather be there in hospital rather that at home if something did happen.

    My caesar date looks like being Mon 27th Feb or Mon 6th March. They have to do a Monday cos that is the day they do the planned caesars.
    So i wish you all the best guys, in case i am not allowed home tomorrow! Big belly rubs to everyone!!

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    Jan 2004

    Sharon, All the best for tomorrow. Will be thinking of you.


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    BellyBelly Member

    Jun 2005

    I had a c/s just over 2 weeks ago and I was able to breatfeed my angel within about 40 minutes after she was checked out by the paediatrician and weighed etc. I was lucky they didnt really even take me into recovery, they let me stay in the operating room for 15 minutes or so after the c/s and then took me straight up to my room to be reunited with bubs and DH.

    You just need to push for what you want!

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    BellyBelly Member

    Sep 2005
    Portland Victoria


    I'm booked in for a C section on the 20th April I have a broken coccyx bone - I am a bit scared of not knowing what to excpect afterwards. I am fine with the cutting me open part and the epidural - but i am a bit worried about the recovery part. Can some of you lovely girls explain what it is like and how long till you are nearly functioning normal.


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    BellyBelly Member

    Sep 2004

    I went from a c/s due to placenta prevaia to elective c/s - because I didn't trust that the placenta had moved. I bf DD in the recovery room and was home after 9 days (tooke every pain relief provided, had bubs in nursery over night each night) and started on my post c/s excercises when I got home. I found the whole process to be excellent. I will be booking in for an elective c/s this time around!!! Woohoo.

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    BellyBelly Member

    Sep 2005
    Portland Victoria

    Brooke, Thanks for the Info. I was hoping to play netball by the end of the season and you say you were doing aerobics after 6 weeks.
    I have listened to soo many stories about how you can't do this or that - I have heard about the not being able to pick your baby up. I was thinking that maybe if i went about my usual business just at a slower pace then i would be fine. Thnks heaps for that.

    Magic - will remember to take the drugs privuded

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    Jan 2004

    Brooke - I understand how you want your DH to experience what he missed out on last time. My DH was the same, just as he was about to walk into the room, they told him there was a problem and he couldn't go in! Then they brought DD out to him in a humidicrib and told him he had to go back up to the maternity ward with DD. It wasn't until a month later on that I realised that my DH didn't get to cut the cord. Something I was so looking forward to. Lets hope we can both be awake next time and have our DH's there as well

    Jacci - My DD was born early on a Sunday morning, and I went home on the Tuesday or Wednesday? I can't remember now! I had terrible headaches after my c-section, more like migraines! We think it might have been a reaction to the epidural?? I was having trouble keeping food or water down as well. But it eventually passed.

    DH was home with me for the first 2 weeks, so when DD woke in the middle of the night, he got up to her, changed her nappy then passed her over to me to feed her. Then he would burp her and put her back to bed. He changed all the nappies for the first 2 weeks, I had a bit of trouble getting down on the floor to do it. I was so nervous when I first changed her nappy at 2 weeks!

    He still bathed her for a little while, not sure how long, maybe a month or so?

    I don't know how long it was before I drove a car? At least 6 weeks. I think it may have been a couple of months/

    I would try to do some washing when DH went back to work, but only managed 1 or 2 loads a day. Problem was, when DH got home, he would get cranky with me for doing the washing when I shouldn't have been!

    I was never shown any exercises to do after the op. I was told that they also show you how to cough up all the phlegm. But they never happened with me??

    Goodluck with your c-section Jacci, hope it all goes well. Can't wait to hear about it!


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