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Thread: Did you have a scheduled c/s?

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    I had a "scheduled" c/s with Ned after an emergency c/s with Alex due to p/e. Even though it was technicall a "scheduled" c/s, I wasn't given any other option, as my BP was creeping up again and my cervix was so high they could hardly feel it, let alone get a finger in to determine any dilation (I've never dilated anyway so wouldn't know what it was!)

    I had 12 hours notice that I was having a "scheduled" c/s, so I did have a little time to prepare.

    Personally, I felt that the recovery was easier because I knew what to expect. I also had a baby who was with me, rather than in the NICU, so that was also better. I knew about BF so was more comfortable with that.

    However, I developed a fairly severe infection on Day 3 and don't really remember much of it. I had a temp of over 40 and was on high doses of some fairly spectacular antibiotics and anti-viral medication. I had to have blood tests every six hours to make sure the medications weren't affecting my kidneys.

    With both c/s, I had the local anaesthetic before the spinal tap. I was far more nervous with my first than with my second. I didn't feel much pulling or tugging, and didn't vomit with either. The first c/s was definitely quicker than the second because they needed to get Alex out, and also because it was evening and I think they all wanted to go home.

    The second c/s was in the morning (9:30am) so I felt better about that.

    I also didn't get out of bed until the next day, so had 24 hours in bed rather than 12, and I really felt that doing that helped my pain threshold. I was in SO MUCH pain getting out of bed after Alex, and not so much after Ned.

    I also asked the anaesthetist for laxatives with Ned, because I had an anal fissure after Alex which took ages to heal (like months). So I had them from day dot, and that was great, because I didn't have any problems with no 2s. The anaesthetist thought I was a little silly, but once I explained the problem there was no issue.

    I also was more aware of my pain threshold during recovery with my second c/s, and took the drugs more regularly. With Alex, I was more concerned about him than myself (obviously because he was in NICU/SCN), whereas I was more relaxed with Ned because he was with me and I didn't have to get up all the time to go to the NICU/SCN. I think the more relaxed I was, the better I felt.

    So that's my story.

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    Melinda Guest


    Yep, the local numbs the area where they put the local in.

    Kirsty - yes, I was in the early stages of labour. I lost my show the day before the c/s and was having some irregular contractions (not really painful, just noticeable) and then started having them a bit more frequently and a bit more painful whilst in hospital getting organised for the c/s! It was weird waiting to be wheeled in and lying there having them, particularly when having the spinal! I don't think I'd class it as another emergency one though.......but a good thing that it was scheduled the day that it was as I would have definitely been in there within a 24 hour period having it done regardless!

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    Thanks for that Divvy!!AM still nervous.

    Wow Melinda that was soooo lucky that you were booked in when you were.

    Did I mention that I HATE to vomit. I didn't vomit after the c/s with Gemma, but I was soooo out of it and over tired it wasn't funny. I'm scared I might vomit this time! EWWWWWwwwwww!

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    Melinda, glad to hear it all went well. Congratulations on your little girl ... beautiful name. =)

    Div, I'm a non-dilator too. I was preparing myself to be induced, assuming I'd had at least some degree of dilation considering the continuity of the BH contractions and the fact that I was so overdue. I was so disappointed when the ob told me it was still closed tight I nearly cried. My sister had the same problem and had a horror induction labour before getting a caesar with her first child. I was determined to avoid that.

    Got that bloody TENS machine for nothing.

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