thread: elective ceasarian because of heamorroids

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    elective ceasarian because of heamorroids

    i have suffered for years with heamorroids, and even had surgery twice, with no success. i knew it was something that i would suffer with through pg, and it has been.

    anyway, i talked to my gp about it today, who knows all the details, and i said i would prefer to have an elective ceasar, because i really dont think that my body could cope with a natural labour. although for all other reasons i would prefer a natural labour, i just know i am the one who has to live with the pain for years to come!! he seemed to think it was a valid reason, now i just have to talk about it with my OB in 5 weeks.

    anyway, i was just wondering if there was anyone else out there who had this problem or what your opinions are on it?

    also, if i do go ahead with this, what am i going to tell people? everyone will want to know why i am having a C/S, but to be honest, i dont want to tell people the real reason - its a bit too personal..

    any help would be appreciated,


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    Nov 2004

    These days, alot of people are having elective c/s, just say thats its personal reasons. They should be happy with that!!! And it would probably be a good idea, as a natural birth would put alot of pressure on that area - after i gave birth to number 1 i had the worst hem's, and i had never ever had a prob with them before!! Just remember, its your choice, not theirs. Good luck!!!

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    Mar 2004

    That sounds like a great reason for an elective C/S to me. I had an awful 'roid after giving birth to Yasin. I literally couldn't sit without pain for a fortnight.

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    thanks guys. i personally feel that it is the right choice, but i am preparing myself for the scorn of others...

    thanks for your support,


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    shannon, DH actually suggested that - telling people it was because the baby was breach. maybe, im not a very good liar though...maybe it will be breach and i will be able to say it (half) truthfully!


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    I agree, you should probably go for the elective because its about your comfort. Its a re-occurring problem so therefore you have a legitimate reason for having one.

    I am having an elective C/S because I have back problems and the amount of people who ask why is amazing. Ive stopped telling people now.

    Good luck with it all.

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    Although I promote normal birth and try to help educate others about it, one thing that I definitely believe in is that no matter what way baby comes into the world, it's a wonderful birth just like any other. As well as that, all mothers need support for the decisions they have made.

    I'm sure all of us have no idea what it is really like for you, I have never had haemorrhoids before so I can't imagine how awful it might be. I also think it's awful for people to be judemental and such a shame that we have to defend our decisions as women and mothers.

    As I said above, I have no idea about how awful this is for you, all I can suggest if anything is to perhaps do some research about haemorrhoids and birth and maybe you can come up with some answers and / or something to fireback to those who ask. For example, "I have a medical condition which a normal birth can make worse and cause prolonged/excrutiating pain."
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    Linda - just say that you and your Dr. thought it was the best and safest way to deliver your baby. That way you are answering people but not really? I don't blame you for not wanting to tell people the real reason. It's none of thier business n e way!

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    thanks everyone, i really appreciate it,


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    I had these lovely appendages after the birth of my dear Angus and I wasn't happy about it. Thankfully they shrunk back after about 6mths but I did not have these as a pre existing ailment like yourself.

    If folks question your reason tell them it is for health reasons, they don't need to know everything. But if they do persist spare them no details and as Shannon says watch them blush!

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    Feb 2005
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    hi all,

    just updating this post because i am now definately having the c/section. OB understood and agreed it would just be too much considering my history.

    i still havent told more than my mum and SIL though, and although it is happening in 5 days (OMG!!!) i still havent decided what i will tell people. i think i will just say that the Dr, and i both agreed that it was best in my case because of an existing medical condition. i figure that will cover about 80% of people who will not ask any more. then for the others who insist on prying further, i will simply say 'it is personal and i would rather not go into it'.....and for anyone who pries further i will just say 'get stuffed' (just joking :-s ) no, to those people i will just say, i dont want to talk about it....i think that is fair.

    but again, thanks to everyone here who helped me to feel like i wasnt a failure to make this decision, i really appreciate the support from here..

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    ah Linda it isn't an easy decision at all. I'm so glad your OB was supportive in this decision, and its so hard to figure out what to tell people, I'm pretty sure the medical condition is a great answer & you are right everyone else can go get stuffed

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    Feb 2005
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    LOL - thanks christy, just have to practice saying it!! :-s

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    Ooh Linda not long now! And yup I agree with Christy. I hope noone gives you grief over your decision so you can enjoy your birth experience without too much stress.

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    May 2004

    Hi Linda.... not long to go - so wishing you luck!

    I suffer from the roids too - probably not as bad though (yet!) I had them once really bad, and the other couple of times not so bad - but my god that time they were bad - was terrible! I couldnt sit, lie, stand, nothing

    I havent had any problems yet this pregnancy, but I am onto the metamucil everyday, but I am expecting problems in the third trimester. I also expect some serious roids after the birth and I am not looking forward to them at all.

    I think your decision is perfectly fine and the right decision for you - after two operations to try and fix them, you're over them I am sure.


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    Just popping in to wish you the best of luck Linda!!!

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    Linda- the best thing about this is that you can decide what is best for you and your baby. It can't have been a simple decision to make. If medical people also agree then you have made the right decision. I think that your answer is a good one, and I prob wouldn't want to tell everybody either. It is hard to lie, but if you practise the lie you culd get good at it LOL.

    All the best for a safe arrival of your baby and at least you can be sure that your roids won't be worse after the birth and you can enjoy that time with your bub instead of being in pain.

    Cheers michelle

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    Feb 2005
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    Thanks everyone,

    i am feeling really good about my decision still. i know it is best for us both (what do they say - a happy and healthy mum means a happy and healthy baby?)

    thanks for all of your support and well wishes. will be giving you all the update soon!!! (only 4 days to go OMG )