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Thread: How long to wait???

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    Default How long to wait???

    Hi Everyone,

    I was wondering how long do I have to wait after having a c/s before DH and I can DTD again? I feel completely fine but I forgot to ask the doc so I have no idea if we're good to go or not!

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    It is really up to you and how comfortable you feel, as long as you don't bear any weight on your scar and take it really slowly and gently to begin with you should be fine!

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    I agree with Tanstar, up to you, and take it slowly and gently.

    We gently tried again at about the 6 week mark. Mostly we left it till then because I had quite a bit of trouble with my scar healing as it got re-infected.

    I have had no trouble with sex and my scar, the only problem I have experienced is quite a bit of pain in my actual vagina and this puts an abrupt end to our fun each time we try!

    Now at 4 months we have still not been able DTD without pain on my part which is a bit of a pity... trying to find other ways to mutually satisfy.. (sorry if TMI!)

    I don't know why I am experiencing pain, and by no means do I think it will happen to you. It is most likely that you will be fine. (The pain for me is getting better slowly I think.) I am not sure on the statistics of such things post c/s. There does seem to be a bit of info about sex and pain post vaginal birth but not for c/s. Most info for sex post c/s relates to the scar.

    Hope you have a lot more fun than me... just take it slow and enjoy!

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    I didn?t ask either I waited 3 months before we DTD. I had such a horrible pregnancy that my main fear was falling pregnant again rather than any pain it would cause lol.

    When I had my 6 week check the Dr asked me if we had DTD and I said no. He told me I had a very understanding husband so I took that as I could be doing the wild thing any time I wanted.

    Do it when it feels right for you.


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    Sorry this might be TMI - We got the go ahead at the 6 week check up but waited until 8 weeks as I didn't feel ready. Like jackrose I also had a lot of pain (plus dryness) which meant that it was more than 3 months before we actually completely DTD. To be honest it was uncomfortable and not enjoyable at all for me for 6-8 months but it DOES get better I promise

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    I think from memory we waiting about 2 or 3 weeks, once my bleeding stopped. and from memory was fine just not to crazy

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    we waited till bleeding stopped. As nothing downstairs itself was touched I wasnt scared of DTD more how I could move with the scar itself.
    Wait until you are comfortable. I have read for c section they say 4 weeks vaginal birth is around 6 weeks.

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