Kirsty77 oh wow ok thanks for that.

I think I am deciding on a c-section. We have no one to mind our five kids when I go into labour, my bp has been a little high which concerns doc's, and even they are saying a c-setion might be the way to go if they can't keep my bp down enuogh to there liking. But that isnt the reason I am going to have anothe one. Its mailing because I cant shake a fearful feeling after already having a c-section and all my labours are long like 18 hours, 17 hours, 9 hours and so on. And I have no one to care for the kids when I go i and I dont want to be alone in labour if hubbie has to stay with kids and that could happen anytime of the day or night for that matter, so I would rather be organised for our children.

But my c-section 3 years ago was horrid afterwards I could barley move and I swelled up badly in my legs. So that worries me too. And everytime I moved I felt I was ripping my stomache to pieces! ouch!!