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    tuggin and movement

    So at my last OB appt they told me to get my birth plan done for my next appt. i was going through it and came to the csect part and orignally i wanted to be put under.

    for those that have had a csect how much do you feel i know not pain but tuggin and movement and stitching and all that. I have been told by 2 people that you can really feel everythign they can do but these people r drama queens so i dont know if they were just tryint o freak me out.

    i know this is nothing compared to a csect and you will prob think i am stupid for comparing but i have had moles cut out and it really grossed me out feeling them doing the stitches and was really close to throwing up.

    DH read through my birth plan and had a go at me for wanting to be put under said i was just being a sook it wont be too bad and he will be there with me and that being put under is just a risk i dont need to take. I want to be awake to meet my baby at the first chance i can but just dont knwo about the feeling.

    Please tell me about ur experience

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    I had an emergency c/s with my DS.
    I could feel a lot of tugging and pulling when they were getting DS out, to the point where I felt like my whole body was being being tugged and pulled this direction and that - it was a strange sensation, but no pain at all. I don't remember feeling them stitch me up, but that could also have something to do with the nerves that are cut. I still have a slightly numb area around my scar from the nerves that are cut.


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    tuggin and movement

    I felt some tugging but not much, dh and the anesthetist were talking to me so they kept me distracted. Never felt the stitches. Afterwards I was cold and it was strange getting the feeling back as I could move one side and not the other. If you have a GA you won't get to see your baby for a while as you would need to be be in recovery.

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    I didn't feel anything at all. DH said my body was moving when they were pulling her out etc but I didn't even feel that.

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    I've had two c-sections, one with an epidural and one with a spinal block. With both of them I felt a little bit of tugging but not much, you will be distracted by the others in the theatre. When they sew you up you will most likely be cuddling your new baby and not have any idea what is going on. I know my full attention was on my newborns and it was only when they were taken away from me that I noticed what they were doing. Even then the Drs and nurses were talking to me and joking so I stayed pretty relaxed. I am normally a really stresser and get very anxious and I was fine in both proceedures.

    It isn't that bad, and even if it is a c-section it such a lovely sound to hear the first cry of your baby when it comes out. Let me know if you want any more info. HTH

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    I had a spinal block as well but yes I felt like I was being moved around but no I didn't feel the stitches
    If I have to have a ceaser with this bub too I will want to be awake and have bubs put straight on me if possible

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    I've had two emergency caesaereans, both times I felt a lot of tugging. Have you ever had a tooth pulled? I likened it to that.... You can feel a strange sensation of pulling & being moved about, it is very weird but nothing to worry to much over. Once the baby is out, for me at least, I was too side tracked to notice anything else going on around me! The first one was after a long labour so I was very tired & I actually fell asleep for part of the time, the second one I think I was a bit sleepy due to the anesthetics too.

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    thanks for the replies. I guess like everyoen has said everyone is dif and its prob better to put up with the tuggin feeling so i get to see bub as soon as i can

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    I had an emergency c/s and the doctor told me before she started that there would be a bit a tugging so I was expecting it, and as you will be expecting it too it won't be bad at all. If you have a spinal you can move your head and arms and because you are awake, you are aware of being rocked or tugged although numb from the armpits down. I would liken it to say having a tooth pulled too, or when they move you from the op table to your ward bed. You don't feel any pain, but you know you are being moved, if that makes sense. My c/s took only 35 minutes so it's pretty much over before you know it, I didnt feel any of the stitches etc either.

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    I to had the spinal and was more afraid of the needle than the actual thought of having the c/s lol. It wasn't as bad as I thought (as they put the local in first) and they told me there would be tugging and odd sensations and there were a little but as soon as you see bubs you forget what they are doing on the other side of the screen and concentrate on holding your bubs. I recovered very quickly from the spinal so I imagine they didn't put much in and I don't remember being in theatre for very long either (maybe 1/2 hour). All up it was not as scary as I thought it would be and as there was no pain it was certainly different from any of my other births lol.

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    Oct 2008

    I didn't feel much tugging, only when they were stitching me back up. The thing I didn't like was not being able to feel my legs. At one point, I thought my legs were flat out on the table but they were up with my feet flat on the table if that makes sense. It was very strange!!

    To be honest, you're too distracted waiting to see your little bundle come out!! I was anyway.....
    Sue x

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    The only thing I felt was tugging when they were getting DS out. After that nothing at all, and definately no sensation when they were stitching me up.

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    Like sterla, I too had an emergency c-section - and while I felt some of the tugging and pulling, it was definitely worth it in the end (Not that you didn't know that already ) The thing that got me was when they (the guy who went in and got DS out) said 'You may feel a bit of nausea' and I did, and felt faint. But it lasted for no more than 20 seconds.

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    I was terrified at the thought of being awake while they performed the c/s but it wasn't as bad as I expected. The theatre staff knew I was really scared so they were very good at keeping me distracted. TBH, I felt a fair bit of tugging but DS was a very big bub so they told me to expect that. It didn't take all that long for DS to be delivered and once he was out I was just a blubbering mess, kissing my bubba and talking to him. I don't even really remember the rest of it until they took DS away and then the theatre staff were back to distracting me again. It was nowhere near as bad as I had imagined it to be and I wouldn't consider being knocked out unless you really think you can't cope..those first moments are just amazing, so beautiful

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    You may have had your bub by now..

    I had a GA after an unsuccessful epi. Back at the time of it all I was so scared and thought the GA was a blessing.. 3 years on and I really regret not being awake to hear bubs first crys.. This time things will be different and my OB knows I want to be awake and the hospital encourages skin to skin when bub is born..

    Best wishes..