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Thread: Upset about Cesarean

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    Good luck - what a shame you have no breech Obs there. We have quite a few in Melbourne and I have attended some too - no dislocated hips. Some women choose to birth at home as they know they can have a midwife and they are skilled in it. Its safer to have an Ob/Midwife who is skilled in it and have a breech birth but if no-one who is available who is skilled in it, a c/s is best as they can do damage if they try and actively manage the birth. Its ironically a more hands off approach that is needed for breech birth and I guess thats something most Obs aren't used to - or care to be.

    Kelly xx

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    Nell - in four days you will meet your child - what exciting wonderful news - being a mummy is the best job I have ever had.

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    Hi Nell, please don't be disappointed, you are still giving birth to your much loved baby. I'm sure the hospital will be able to make it as 'demedicalised' as possible if you have a chat and a plan. I ended up with an emergency c section but was not disappointed in my experience. He was with me in recovery, had two feeds in recovery, and has continued to BF well, so it didn't affect our relationship in that way.

    It will be so exciting for you to meet your lovely little one, we look forward to hearing your announcement!

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    All the best for Friday Nell. I also had a c/s and I have to say it was a beautiful experience even with all the medical staff etc. My little man went up to the SCN after he was born but looking back on a tough day it all worked out perfectly and I wouldn't change a thing.

    Once again all the best for the arrival of your precious little bub.

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