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Thread: Baby bonus backdated?

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    Ah, I see now why it isn't backdated - a google for 'how long does it take to get the baby bonus' gets answers ranging from 'a few days' to 'about a week' after you post the forms. I had the baby a month ago and sent the forms in within a day or two and I'm missing FTA from over a month ago.

    Starting to get really annoyed that this is taking SO DAMN LONG and the idiot woman I spoke to on the phone last week says they won't even do anything until it has been waiting in their queue for 21 days. So how does everyone else except me get it so fast?

    I guess I was just expected to happily divide the $252 they were giving me out between 3 kids for a couple of months until someone noticed the system error on their own and actually told me, or they found me starving in a corner or something cos that plus the rent I get minus rental expenses does NOT cover food/bills/nappies.

    As you can see this is starting to really annoy me.
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    You must be so frustrated! I can't believe it's still processing. Mine has already been processed and paid and DD3 is only a week old. Hopefully not too much longer for you now.

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    Another phone call this morning and FIXED - I got about $700 backpay for this, and $800 backpay for the original system error. Its going to be nice getting more than $250 a fortnight again.

    Any later and I would have been quite livid, the electricity meter reading woman came on Friday and that always means a very large bill, so its just as well I'm finally being paid again. We've had a couple of direct debits bounce in the last couple of weeks because I have been getting paid so much less than I normally do, let alone the missing extra money for the new baby.

    *does happy dance that it is finally over*

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