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Thread: Child Support Q

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    He would only have been receiving it if he had applied for it and your assessment would say what % of your DDs you are receiving. If you are getting the full amount then he is not getting any.

    Eg on ours we get 100% for DD and DS, 76% for DSD1 (lives with us) and 24% for DSD2 and DSS (lives with their Mum).

    After July 1st my understanding we get 100% for DSD1 and 0% for DSD2 and DSS even though the % of care remains the same.

    CS we have to pay will go down also but we will be relatively the same as now. (CS down but also FA down IYWIM)

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    kitt3n - not saying he WAS receiving any FTB - but if you had a shared care arrangement where he should have been having your daughter regularly (even if he wasnt) he may have been entitled to it. from the end of this financial year, this will no longer be the case

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    thats right even if he dont pay a cent in CS as long as he has the child he entitled to FTB only for a few more weeks though thank goodness lol... i would prefer to lose my $1 a month than for him to get $60 a F/N too...
    The whole system is just rediculous i think .....

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