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Thread: Advise on my chart

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    Default Advise on my chart

    Hi girls, wondering if you can help.

    i have had another long cycle this month thinking that i wasnt going to ovulate and wala FF placed the dark red line on my chart.

    i was hoping that you chart experts our there could help me and tell me what you think of my chart.

    The difference i have had is i am feeling very hot this morning, and last night was eating lots and have only just noticed that im running to the toilet more than normal.


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    It's too hard to tell with your cycles being all over the place. If you O'd when FF says you did it would be too early to have symptoms as you can only get those after implantation and most people don't implant until 6DPO or more (but I guess it's possible to implant earlier). It is of course possible you O'd earlier and if that happened then you could be getting some early symptoms. If I were you I'd wait a week and if I still felt I could be pregnant I'd do a test then.

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