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    Hi I'm new here and I have a question.

    I have been finally charting. The FF chart I am using keeps pushing my O date out and it did it again today to cd26. I actually used a opk strip yesterday and the test line was just about as dark as the control line. Now I didn;t use opk's the rest of the month but I wished I did because I have to order more and didn;t have enough. So now I am hitting myself in the head for not buying more and using them every day to see when I did O. I don't check CM honestly because I'm a bit confused on it but will start learning quick.

    Please look at my chart and tell me what you think. I know if I did officially O on the cd26 that is bad because one I didn't bd at all last week and 2) that will mean I have a short LP phase... I feel so bummed right now. I know my temps are all over the place but the chart I have on this site is showing I o'd on cd18....will thi schart automatically change the o date if it has too.

    Sorry for my very confusing post.

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    Hey Hun,

    Wow, its pretty uncommon to o so late - is it your first month of charting?

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    Thanks for replying. Yes, this is my first month charting so it's a bit confusing to me. I am hoping the chart cross hairs are wrong and maybe that is just wishfull thinking.

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    Do you normally have a long cycle? If not it is possible that you actually O'd several days before as you do have quite a few higher temps there with just the one lower one.

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