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Thread: Triphasic chart?

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    Default Triphasic chart?

    Hello everyone, I have a question about my chart so I hope it's ok for me to put the url of my chart in this post...

    We started TTC this month and it's also my first month charting. I'm currently 9DPO and I'm wondering if my chart is starting to look triphasic (or am I just imaging it...)? I had a bit of a temp dip at 7DPO and the last 2 days it's gone up higher than any time since ovulating. I've read that in some cases that can indicate pregnancy, but I'd like some opinions as to whether that may or may not be true). We're crossing our fingers reallllly hard though!!

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    Your chart is looking promising. It will be clearer over the next few days... Sometimes a triphasic does not indicate pregnancy, and not all pregnancy charts are triphasic, but Good luck!
    Hope you get your BFP soon!

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    It looks really good at the moment Krystie with the temp dip ( implantation) and then the temp rise!! Hopefully the temps stay high over the next few days!

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