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Thread: Clomid, BFP then BFN - AF MIA - HELP!

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    Default Clomid, BFP then BFN - AF MIA - HELP!

    I'm sorry, I don't know if this is the right place to post this so if i'm wrong could you please direct me to the correct forum? Thanks

    I took 50 mg Clomid this month - normally I O'd CD18 but my LP was starting to get shorter - so doc prescribed clomid to help with that. This month, since taking the clomid - I have three different dates for O - CD31, CD33 and CD35 - I think it's CD33.

    Anyways, yesterday I had a faint BFP - posted on FF and everyone could see it - today BFN's as stark white as anything I've seen - and no AF. She should have been here this morning.... and I don't have any sign of her coming yet, either.

    I went to the doctor and she said she wont do anything to induce AF until I havent had it for 4 months - and wont do a beta for a week - I'm gong out of my mind right now.

    Which day do you think I possibly O'd? I had so many false starts to O this month that it's possible that any one of those days I said above could be O. I had O pains on CD32.


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    Sorry not sure I just wanted to suggest maybe you could do another bfp tomorrow, perhaps you are preg and the second test was just faulty or maybe just tell her you have got a bfp and ask for a blood test?

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