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Thread: Coverline on FF Chart?

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    Default Coverline on FF Chart?

    Hi, still learning all this charting stuff.

    I noticed most of the other ladies charts I look at have 2 red lines (coverline and ovulation line I think) but my chart doesn't have either. Even when I put in some fake temps I still don't get one. There is also no ovulation detected even though I have got OPK positive and EWCM.

    Settings are on the advance mode (recommended by FF)

    Any thoughts?

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    If you are not getting a coverline then FF is not detecting a temp rise enough to indicate ovulation.

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    It may take a few more days to put one in. Often it's a retrospective thing ie it won't put a cover line there till it's happy enough with your symptoms post O.

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    Sym Guest


    Thanks for that.

    My temp is still up today but I suppose I just have to wait for the coverline to come up in the next couple of days or so.

    I'll just get back to waiting.

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    It might be part of the paid upgrade?

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