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Thread: Husband a bit funny about temping, anyone else?

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    Default Husband a bit funny about temping, anyone else?

    Hi all,
    I started temping this cycle and DH wasn't too comfortable with the fact I would roll over and check my temp before shooting off to the loo every morning. I think he feels like its a sign that I am obsessed or something. And because you have to temp before you get up there was no way around it, so I just stopped. Can anyone offer any advice to get around this issue, or is it just something I cant do. It took a lot of time for DH to come around to the idea so I don't want to push him on it too far, incase he changes his mind.

    I have 8 days till AF is due, and I have no idea about how I am going. But at the same time I am also just looking to the heavens and saying to God, that he will let me know when he is ready for this to happen.

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    Hi Puppies, my DH was a bit like this when I started temping to and I would feel stupid and obsessed everytime i pulled out the thermometer. What I did was tell him that I was doing it from more a medical view point, to see if my cycles were 'healthy' and that there were no problems with me etc. Taking my temps are taught me a lot about my body.
    Once I explained this he seemed more curious as to how my temps are going.

    If he is still 'annoyed' by it then just temp until you o and then stop. At least that way you know that you had a good chance at catching the egg and if you know your lp then you will know if you are late or not.

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    Hi Puppies

    My DH was the same!! He said i was taking all the fun out of having a baby.. however i thought it was in a different way part of the fun, all my other TTC buddies were temping and it sort of gave me something to do while i was TTC to keep me occupied. And it felt like i was still doing something constructive, like even if a cycle was unsuccessfull, i would still get something out of noticing drops in temp etc... IYKWIM

    I would try and talk to your DH and just let him know that this is just something you want to try out for a while, it cant hurt anyone and if you are happy to poke a thermometer in your mouth every morning for fun, you can!!! LOL You can say at least your not making HIM do it!! LOL

    I was silly and bought a thermometer that beeped!! LOL Heaven forbid the days when DH wanted a sleep in and i sat there beeping doing my temps!! LOL It was quite funny!!! I got very good at checking the temp and turning it off!! LOL

    Good luck with your TTC and i hope you get to stop temping soon because you are up the duff!!

    Take care

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    My ex hated it when I temped. My DF didn't exactly like it but when I explained why I needed to do it he tolerated it. Temping was what alerted me to a possible pregnancy just 18 days into my cycle. I had a short cycle so O'd around day 12 & got a major temp dip at 6DPO & 7DPO so I pretty much knew from then. I could then test nice and early, I think at 10DPO and I got a BFP, so I think it's well worth doing.

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