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Thread: It's been toooo long!!!

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    Default It's been toooo long!!!

    Hi girls,
    I'm sorry if this thread is going in the wrong section however it seemed to be the most closely related (rather than the "general" chat section!!!).

    The reason i'm posting is because I went off the pill on 13 March (this year) and then had my period 3 days later which lasted about 5 days (normal length for me)... the period was very light to start and then got little bit heavier but wasn't a really heavy period... got some cramping too... then it was finished after 5 days...

    Then, I put in my diary that i should be due within 28 days however I am still waiting on my next period! I've had NOTHING!!! It's strange because b4 I went on pill years ago, my period was 28 day cycle so i just thought it would go back to that?

    I was due again for my period on April 12 (28 days from start of last period) and still NOTHING!!! That means I am NOW 12 DAYS LATE FOR MY PERIOD!!!!!!!

    We aren't actively TTC just yet however if it happens we'll be happy of course (however i just bought my wedding dress to fit!). However we are trying to chart my cycle so that we know when we are fertile for when we do TTC in the next 5mths....which isn't far away at all...
    What did your periods do when you first went off the pill? HELP!!! Am I normal?? If i don't get my period again in a week's time i am going to the doc.
    It just feels strange not bleeding IUKWIM???????? Could i be pregnant?? I don't think i could be, i mean we have been careful and all...
    I know lots of you are probably thinking "what is she worried about?" however I am used to having my period every 28days that's all! I also know that the pill can do this to my body once i go off it, but i didnt think it would take this long?? I've heard of women bleeding for 40 days straight but not being absent for 40days straight!!!!

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    When i came off the pill, AF came the same each month for the first 2 months... then never returned.....cos i had a BFP!. But for the 2 months after exactly 28 days she returned....

    MAybe test just to be sure ur not pg

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    Mum2Furbabies Guest


    Aaaargh you poor thing!

    I only went off the BCP a couple of months ago, and my first cycle was 24 days, now this one is on CD27 and no sign of AF yet...usually get really sore BB, cramping, headaches etc for a week before AF but I am feeling tip top! Think I might have a really long cycle this time round too, unfortunately.

    I think some wierd things can and do happen after the BCP, but I agree with kimbaz to test to see if you are PG.

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    From what I have read it is really normal to have a stuffed up cycle for a while (even up to 9-12 months) after going off the pill. A lot of girls wait for a long time for their periods to turn up. Do a search on the web and you will find this is a common problem and not something to worry too much about.

    Having said that you could always go to a gyno and get everything checked out.

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    When I first went of the BCP in March 2005, I had AF show up a couple days later. My first cycle took 37 days for AF to show up again. For the next 18 months or so my cycles were around 33 to 37 days, now they are around 26 to 32 days.

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    Damn it! I've always been 28 days cycle and always regular, so hope it doesn't take as long as some women to get back into shape hey?! It's going to be hard to know when i'm ovulating etc then isn't it? Because we are TTC in the next 5mths and hopefully by then at least i'll have a regular period (even if it's a 35 day cycle or so).

    So it's not unhealthy to not bleed??? It could mean i just haven't ovulated this month hey?????

    Thanks girls... I'm also going to do a pregnancy test tomorrow morning.... I don't think I am though.

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    aja78 Guest


    I went of the BCP after 12 years, had a 32 day cycle, currently up to day 93 on my second cycle - it is driving me NUTS!!!
    But you should definitely test - fingers crossed a BFP for you!

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    Aja78 you must be driving yourself up the wall with worry!!!! You poor thing that is a LONG time to wait! I am STILL waiting for my AF to arrive! I am now 16 days overdue! So that's about 45 days cycle now!!!!! I can't believe it. I am a little concerned but don't think I am pregnant as we've been using other form of contraception (condoms). I feel so bloated, and my boobs are sore and big and my nipples tingle and get itchy! I'm constantly itching them! Is that anything I wonder? Anyway, i know AF symptoms can mimick preg symptoms so i am not going to talk myself into being pregnant.

    I am going to see a doctor this week and get a blood test. That will put my mind at ease. I've started taking "Vitex" tablets by blackmores... my friend recommended them to me to help regulate my menstrual cycle so you should do that too.....
    helps balance your oestroegen levels and your progesterone levels.

    Good luck

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    Renstar, I too have fairly regular 28-29 day cycles, and t took 6 months for my cycles to be normal again when I came off bcp. the first cycle was 56 days, then I had a 44 day cycle, from memory a few 30something day cycles,then I got pg. You could try taking Vitex, it helps to regulate your hormones again. I took it the last cycle before I got pg, and then I also took it recently after my d & C and AF came spot on 4 weeks.

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    aja78 Guest


    Do you need to see a naturopath to take Vitex or is it self prescribed?

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    Aja78 you don't need to see a doc to go on Vitex tablets. You get them from your local chemist. Blackmores Vitex Agnus Castus I think it's called. small bottle and about $11 for 40 tablets i think it was. take 2-3 per day but i am just taking 1 in morning and 1 at night if i remember. I really want my AF to arrive!!!!!!!!!

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    Thanks SallyJ - at least I know i am not the only woman experiencing severe delays in AF after stopping BCP's!!! Thanks

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