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Thread: OPK question?

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    Default OPK question?

    Hi Girls

    I have been using OPK's since my first charting cycle with FF as you would see, i also use the lullaby conception OPK's. Anyway my question is, they say in the instructions that the result line should be as dark or darker than the test line. Does this mean it should be the same thickness as the test line as well as the darkness?

    The reason for this question is because on my first charting cycle i got what i put in as a positive, but it definately wasn't as thick or quite as dark as the test line. I was also right in putting it as a positive as my temps and cm & cp information ended up corralating correctly together! I did take the test about 5:30 in the afternoon so maybe the LH surge was on the way down by that time as they recomment taking it about 2:00pm. Has anybody else had this before and what do you find works with using lullaby conception OPK's best?


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    Hi Danni,

    some ppl dont get a true positive as such with OPKs, so u pick the darkest one u get. It depends on the LH surge throughout times of the day too, so u might of missed it etc. So after time u get to know which ones are positive to your own body.

    So I'd take it that was a positive.


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