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Thread: WDYT Of my Chart???

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    Default WDYT Of my Chart???

    Hey girls

    Well i'm pretty sure i've ovulated today but it hasn't come up on FF. Reason I ask is that DP is going to be late home tonight due to work so prob won't get to BD and then tomorrow morning he is off to Bundaberg for work for the night so won't have a chance then. We did get to BD last night and i'm hoping thats enough for me to get preg this cycle.
    Can you please take a look and see wat you think, also let me know if you think I still have a chance to be UTD this month??
    Thanks so much

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    You might be ovulationg today or in the next 24 hours. You would have better chances of it being a girl if you conceive this cycle. You will know for sure if you temps go up tmrw and continue to go up over the next couple of days.

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