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    Default What CM would you call this? - tmi

    I'm on CD12 and my cervix is high open and soft which i am assuming i must be ovulating in the next day or so? My CM however is confusing. It's not ewcm and its def not creamy, its just clear and there's lots of it. What would i call that?

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    Perhaps go with watery? From FF:

    Enter "watery" if your cervical fluid is clear and most resembles water. It may be stretchy also. This cervical fluid is considered fertile and this may be your most fertile cervical fluid or you may get it before you get eggwhite cervical fluid or you may not get this type of fluid at all.
    Also, is it possible that it may be arousal fluid and not CM at all?


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    I have that as well.. i would say watery

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    I would go with watery. That's probably what it is at this time in your cycle. Waty is fertile also

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