thread: What do you think about my chart?

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    Sep 2007
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    What do you think about my chart?

    Hi Girls

    I am reasonably new, but always pop in and read what is going on and who has been successfull. Anyway can someone take a look at my chart and see how it looks. I normally have about a 12 day LP with spotting starting around 10DPO but nothing so far today!

    Little bit of back gound information, i have a five and a half year old son that was conceived really quickly but i have't been taking any contraception since his birth and that has been some time now. We decided in April this year that we actively wanted to try for another baby and i have been charting the last three cycles i guess, although my last cycle was off this planet. I am trying not to read to much into not being able to conceive for all this time, but i can't help wondering if there is a problem, although they tell you that if you have conceived one naturally you can normally conceive another naturally.


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    on cloud 9.....

    Dannii, I would say that is a mighty fine looking chart you have there. Best of luck to you, I hope to see you announcing a BFP..

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    Looking very good Dannii! By the looks of your previous chart, your temps are very "peaky" so this one by comparison looks great!

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    Sep 2007
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    Thanks for your replies

    Nicambhar sorry about your angel and best of luck.

    Tonydayl best of luck for your Christmas baby, how exciting only a few weeks away.

    Thanks again ladies it has made me feel so much better!

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    Sep 2007
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    I have just adjusted my charts in the FF as i ran out of VIP membership and included the previous chart instead. Apparently you can only have two charts in there without the VIP membership, thats a bit of a bummer!

    Would that slight dip at 6DPO be classed as an implantation dip do you think or is it not enough?

    Sorry i am feeling paranoid now!!!!!

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    i think your chart looks great, fingers grossed for BFP soon.

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    Hey Danni

    I posted in the other thread but yeah IMO your chart looks very promising!

    Here's hoping you will be announcing a BFP soon!

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