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    What has your experience with the ABC centres been? I'm patricularly looking at Hurstville NSW but any feedback would be welcome. Do you feel that because they are a 'brand' that more reassurance comes with it?

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    I haven't had any experience with ABC, but my BIL's girlfriend works for one in Hurstville & loves it.

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    Jan, TBH I think that it depends on the individual centre. Being an ABC doesn't necessarily make it good or bad, it's the quality of the director and staff that really matters. If you have a good feeling about it, then I would trust your instincts. I know of people with kids in ABC centres and they are happy with them and I have also heard some bad things. Again, it really comes down to the individual centre.

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    Overall, the 'brand' of ABC would deter me as I don't like their business practices or vision of children and childcare. But it can dependon the individual centre as there are some great people working in some of them.

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    I tend to agree with ren. I prefer not-for-profit CC places over and above ABC. being a "brand' gives me no comfort. A centre is only as good as the personalities of the staff.

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    Hi sweetpeajan,
    I have looked at many childcare centres over the past couple of weeks, both ABC and private not-for-profit ones. I was starting to get very distressed that I wouln't find somewhere I was comfortable with until yesterday. I went to an ABC centre and instantly knew it 'was the one'! The Director was really lovely, the nursery and kinder rooms were spacious clean and very well equipped. My son immediately ran off and started playing (a great sign). There were children and carers from several different cultures which I think is a great experience for both my children to have. For them to see different face shapes and colours and also have the potential to hear different languages is something I can't provide at home (all our friends are Aussies or Brits)and will teach them important life skills and also tolerance. I'm really excited for them now and I know now I'm making the correct decision going back to work.

    I did look at several non ABC centres that were just nasty and also 2 ABC centres that were horrid as well. Take your time making your decision, look at as many centres as possible that are convenient, assess what you want in your centre, what you think will most appeal to and benefit your children. I have found so much variation between centres I'm glad I kept looking until I found the right place.

    Good luck, I hope you find a place.

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    I used the ABC in my home town & loved it. The thing I liked most was that they send a sheet home everyday letting you know everything that happened for the day.
    How many wet & dirty nappies, how many bottles or drinks, what food they were given & what they did & didn't eat out of it. & waht they did including paintings & playing in the yard.
    DD1 came home one day with found a rock in the garden on one of hers.

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