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Thread: Tadpoles Early Learning Centres?

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    Question Tadpoles Early Learning Centres?

    I was just wondering if anyone has their child enrolled in a Tadpoles centre. We are currently with an independently run centre, and I haven't been too impressed with some of the things I have seen there. I mean, generally I'm quite happy, but the staff aren't very friendly to me, this morning I didn't even get to kiss DS goodbye, plus two excellent staff members have left in the last 2 months - both of who DS loved.
    Plus this morning, one of the babies were screaming in the cot, and nobody was around to help the poor little thing - they were all up the other end of the centre - makes me a little uneasy.
    So I'm thinking of switching, but wanted to see if anyone has any recommendations about Tadpoles, as I don't really know anything about them - haven't heard anything good or bad. Oh, and if their fees are really high? We pay just under $40 a day for DS at the moment to attend (that is including the refund from government for child care benefit)

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    Hi Mel,

    Just wondering if you ended up changing to Tadpoles, and if you did, what you think of them. I am thinking about putting Kimmy in one.

    Any other opinions also welcome.


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    Heather - yeah we did end up changing them. They are fantastic... we are much happier with them, and DS seems to be much more comfortable with the people there as well.

    He hardly cries at drop off time now!!!!

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