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Thread: HELP!! ABC Centre in Melbourne

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    Default HELP!! ABC Centre in Melbourne

    Does anyone have any experience with any of the ABC centres in South East Melbourne. I'm going back to work on June 24 and I need a clean safe place for my two precious little people. I've looked at a few and hated them and I'm starting to get worried now.:confused

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    Does it have to be ABC? My experience is that appearances are not everything. First thing you should be observing is the way the staff interact with the children. Best way to do this is to take your time filling in the forms when you make an enquiry. Listen to how the staff speak to the children. Are the staff all young teenage girls? My preference is for a wide cross section of ages. I crossed a place off my list because it was run by a grumpy old lady who barked orders at her teenage staff.... sure the environment was new and clean but a child will suffer more from a poor atmosphere than an older more wore-torn environment. Just my approach to things. Good luck, it's a stressful time choosing the right place.

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    Why do you want an ABC centre? There are plenty of others to chose from. Go to your local council and ask them. It depends where you live but my GF has her daughter in a fantastic childcare centre. I've heard of a few good ones.

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