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    Question Primary schools

    Sorry to be starting my time here with 2 question threads!

    We are new to Australia (2 years - about to become citizens ) and to schooling since my oldest is only 2 and a half. I'm wondering about state schools, private schools - and where exactly Catholic schools fit into the picture? What are school fees like at the three different types (approximately)?


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    shiona Guest


    State schools are government funded and range in price our local works out to be about $250 per child per year. Private Schools I think get some federal funding but mostly user pays and fees start at about $1000-$5000 per term. Catholic or independent schools are often run by religious institutions and also user pays but much more affordable approx range $500-$1000 per term. Check out schools in your area ask for prices and a school tour. We have been very happy with our local state school 2boys there and 1 at the local state high school.

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