thread: TV at Childcare?

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    Oct 2004
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    TV at Childcare?

    Found out that the Childcare Centre a friend sends their child to actually puts on DVD's for the kids. I thought it may have been a one off, but she has mentioned a few times that often a DVD is on when she picks up her child.

    I don't know what others think, but I am not comfortable with this concept at all. Whilst we do have the TV on a lot at home, I would not want my DD sat in front of a DVD when they have lots of toys and different play equipment she can use. Oh of course other kids to play with.

    So I am wondering from those who have worked or are currently working in Childcare, is this practice normal and why use a TV/DVD?

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    AFAIK my sons daycare puts DVD's on only very late in the afternoon - ie. after 5.30 pm (when closing time is at 6.30) when there are only a handful of kiddies left.
    Or if it has been a rainy day where they have had to stay inside, I think they might put a DVD on a bit earlier in the afternoon, such as after 4.30.

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    i do family daycare and i only put a dvd on when it is raining and we cant go out side. Or for then the little kids have their sleep the older children watch a dvd so they rnt up making a noise waking the ones that r sleeping. or too if i have a late child and it is only them we will watch a dvd but only if they say no to everythign else.
    Also if we r doing dancing i will put on a hi 5 or wiggles dvd and they will dance to that. if the program can be justified into the program then i think it is alright but to just put it on because you coudlnt be bother to get them somethign to do then its not on.
    i also try to make it that the tv isnt on when parents come because it does give the impression that is all they haev doen that day when it isnt the case.

    sorry this is long hopefully i made some sense , i tend to get side tracked lol.

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    I have seen the kids watching a TV more later in the day 5.30ish or when it was raining. DD could sing the Thomas the tank song and we wondered where she learnt it LOL it was all they watch.

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    Oct 2004
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    I certainly understand in a family day care environment that a DVD could be quite useful, my main concern is with childcare centres using the TV that have more entertainment resources than what I do home . Obviously it is more widely used than what I thought, I have not seen one at my centre, but most days I do pick her up before 5. When I do pick her up later than that they are normally reading, outside or helping to tidy up the toys at the end of the day.

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    May 2004

    I know the day care Alex goes to has a TV but not sure what kids watch it. They had a movie and popcorn day on Friday but Alex wasn't intrested he wanted to draw so the kids that didn't want to watch went into a different room.

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    Jan 2005

    My friend told me her's did - they're changed owners/management, and she said her daughter had told her they watched maisy at daycare. she thought she must've been reading it or had made it up, but then she went to pick her up one day and the kids were watching TV.
    Her reaction was much the same as yours, Astrid.

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    Aug 2007

    I worked in childcare at an ABC centre and we didn't have tv or dvds.

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    Hmm, I'm pretty sure our day care doesn't have a TV, certainly it's never been on when I've been there. I'll have to ask them. I don't like the idea either (in a centre that is, for FDC in the way described by Sassy I can see the point of it). Besides, Jack would never sit in front of a TV for more than 5 minutes unless he's really tired. Books on the other hand will keep him quiet and still for ages at a time.

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    I know the TV isn't kept in the toddler or babies room so it must be in with the kindy room.

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    Oct 2007

    Gee I hope thats not the case, I dont want to be sending DD to daycare so she can watch tv! When I used to go to day care they had a tv that they kept in the ''wet'' room. So if it was raining we could watch a dvd in the arvo but that was it (though that was 18 yrs ago since I went to daycare)

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    Oct 2004
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    I suppose now that we need to change centres it will be one extra thing I need to ask, as beforehand I honestly never thought of it.

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    Feb 2006
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    Astrid, I have been a childcare worker for 11 yrs. Many centres do have tvs but only use them when it's been raining or too hot to go outside for a few days. I think it is totally inappropriate for them to use it in circumstances that don't call for it, and especially daily. At centres I have worked in we have had TV's but only use them if the weather is bad for at least two days in a row. We also have to have other activities for the children to use and a carer must be with the children watching tv and interacting with them. The programme must be age appropriate, and usually not movies, but something like playschool or the wiggles episodes that aren't too long. The tv is never on for more than 1hr at a time, preferably only 1/2 an hour. Sometimes it is appropriate to use the tv as a resource to extend on the programme. I have used things like things about farms when the children have been interested in farms, but we couldn't get to one. They get to see what a farm is and we can talk about it. We usualy get permission to use the tv occaisionally on enrollment (there is a question asking if the child an watch). We have also had movie days where we watch a movie (chosen by parents in a survey) and the children get to make a theatre and eat 'movies foods'. A tv can be a good resource when used appropriately.

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    Oct 2004
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    Thanks for your post Kellie, very informative. I would certainly want to know the reasons behind using a TV and be told in advance that one is used as part of the programme. Your reasons sound quite valid and with prior notice I would not have a problem. From what I gather at my friends centre is that often a movie is on, I suppose though it is not a problem as she seems OK with it. I'm still a little bit surprised by it, but at least now I know it is common practice.

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    Jan 2006

    The centre DS is going to attend has a TV in the room for the 3- and 4-year-olds. I questioned it when I was looking around while pg and was told that it was used only sometimes during quiet time so the little ones in the other rooms could nap, and the children were all playing happily with it off.

    TBH, I have put DS in front of the TV for ten minutes to hang out the washing (although he will only watch one particular TV programme and DH kept putting that on for him last week cos it's "cute" how absorbed DS is... grrr!) and at the age of 3, one short programme and a discussion of the programme later wouldn't upset me too much, so long as I knew it was happening in advance. If I didn't know he would be watching TV then I'd be very upset, these things should be made known to the parents. But then, so should all the games and activites of a centre.

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    Aug 2006

    OH I saw this thread and was shocked

    Being a childcare worker I would never put a TV or DVD on for the kids at work

    in saying that in the UK we never had cover to do planning and programming so on a Friday arvo we would put a video on (gosh that’s going back)

    Here in Aus we do get cover for the programming and ever qualified staff member in Vic does under the EBA I believe)

    So that is why I question why a childcare centre would need to use a TV. we would only use the one that sits in our staff room if it was for educational reasons and have had staff bring in there lap tops to show the children a slide show of animals and stuff that they are interested in.

    I guess if you as the parents are happy to allow the centre to show your child cartoons ect then that is up to you – but do you know what they are watching – I mean even I was scared of a few Disney cartoons when I was growing up (the badie characters)

    like i said if your OK with it

    just dont understand why they cant read a book to them or put on a listening tape? also isnt it a fact that TV close to bedtime can stimmulate ?

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    Feb 2005

    My centre also plays DVD's closer to home time. I've only ever seen them using it a handful of times this year though. And only one of those times were the kids actually sitting down and watching it lol. They normally play things like Hi-5 and the Wiggles.

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