thread: Meningitis

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    Just checking in to see how you and your DD1 and rest of family are doing?

    Hope you are having a better week

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    Some other signs of meningitis to look out for:

    • Unable to tolerate bright light, or any light at all (photophobia);
    • High-pitched, abnormal sounding crying;
    • Headache;
    • Neck stiffness;
    • High fevers;
    • Bulging fontanelles in babies;
    • Pain when chin is moved in towards the chest;
    • Petechial rash, a type of rash that is made up of tiny, pin-*****ed sized bruises under the skin, from ruptured blood vessels. The best way to tell is to press a drinking glass against the skin and look through the glass. A normal rash should blanch, or turn white or fade away; a petechial rash will still be visible.

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    Christy - thanks for your post! My biggest fear with Xander is that he doesn't tell us when he is sick! He recently got his first ear infection and of course by the time he was actually commenting on it the dr was "appaulled at how long we had left it". It's so hard with our kids and I am so pleased Matilda is back on the road to recovery, hope things get better for you too soon