thread: Whooping Cough - URGENT!!

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    Whooping Cough - URGENT!!


    I think my 3 y.o might have whooping cough. He has had a nagging ongoing cough for weeks now but this morning when he woke he was coughing and then when he breathed in he made a very odd sound. It was kind of like his throat was closed over but he could breathe normally when he wasn't coughing. I'm terrified it could be whooping cough. He has been fully vaccinated - could he have picked it up anyway? Both my cherubs go 2 daycare 3 days per week. I am going to try and get him to see a Dr 1st thing tomorrow. Is my DD at risk now???

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    Big cuddles to you.

    Whopping cough is contagious but you should not automatically assume DD has it. If I were you I'd call the local hossy and just explain DS's symptoms to them and see what they say.

    Might help you sleep a little sounder tonight and then you can go to the GP in the morning.

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    Yes, you can still get things you have been vaccinated for.
    is he still awake? if you ring up nurse on call and he makes the noise, they should be able to tell you over the phone if its the classic whooping cough, or even croup - could it be croup do you think?
    I would just go to the doctor and insist someone sees him, its not something you want to mess around with

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    its more likely croup - but if he is still awake ane coghing you could call the nurse and ask them to listen to it.

    the vaccination is only 70% effective.

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    Whooping cough usually starts with a cold and fever before the cough comes on. Did he have that? Good luck, hope it is not w.c. xoxo

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    yes wooping cough usually starts with a cold and fever.. so runny nose.. etc. The cough is like a bark.

    How is he this morning??

    Also sounds more like croup to me too.

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    We've been to the Dr and he has some congestion on his right lower lung. He has given him a strong course of ab for 10 days and see is that works. He couldnt say for sure if it is whooping cough but he thought it unlikely as he has been vaccinated and said it was most likely to be bronchitis.