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Thread: to circumsize or not to circumsize?

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    Ok I'm going to reply to each of your statements Caro, and then you can come back and try to pull each of my replies apart, but I will NOT be answering you.

    Deleting posts in the middle of a debate / discussion i find really wrong because the next posters post makes no sense . And people can say what they like

    Ok, I deleted my post because I thought it may be inflammatory, and I thought that posting it after what Cai had said would be disrespectful. You copy and pasted it anyway, so I don't know what you're worried about.

    Natalie I think you are very defensive on this subject an I find it upsetting more than insulting that you would make the above comment.
    I think you are paranoid. I wasn't particularly referring to you, and I posted that I wasn't referring to you. Why the hell would you be upset or insulted?

    Please reverse this to say the immunization debate , You defend your right and make critiques with regard to your choice of NOT immunizing
    I have never, ever told someone not to immunise their child. And believe me you do not want to go there with me Caro. I immunised my daughter and as a DIRECT result she will suffer for the rest of her life. I can't believe you would bring that up in here to prove a point.

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    going of the subject but do you mind if I ask you about the vac and you daughter. I hear that it can affect babies and have always been worried. Daughter was vac and son to but was very scared getting it done as ive heard it can kill???

    only answer if you would like, I understand

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